My ravager boots are +2 without stats

Being the idiot I am, I used 2 upgrades on my ravager boots when the orb was new. I didn’t think it through. Now I see that the orb actually upgrades the boots. But the issue is, my boots are already +2 WITHOUT any stats, as shown below.

Is there any possible way to get a new pair of boots, or fix this? Really don’t want to grind marks of valour again when I shouldn’t have to, as I already earnt the boots. Please help.

I believe you can still get the Boots blessed since they were previously upgraded with the orb…they will just be weaker than other clean blessed boots however.

I spent 1.2g on this vest a while ago. 6 upgrades in the orb, one normal scroll. How is it not blessed?

Yeah it can’t have any scrolls applied to it beforehand…

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Is that all blessed by the orb?

Wait, is the orb back?

Pretty sure this was nine months ago. And that you’re necroposting

Oh shoot, didn’t notice the date.