My rant on the EC update

I’m not a huge fan of the new spider spawning. It seems to deteriorate the process of leveling up beyond 24 since when you explore through the caves, I’m only finding 2 spiders, and sometimes other players get lucky and encounter a horde of them (which they would need to spam potions to survive). It’s either too little, or too much now. It should return back to the way it used to be so there can be an equal number of spiders for everyone to fight and people won’t have to play the game of running and killing a group of spiders before another person does.

Takes literal ages to level now.

I feel your struggle also, but keep in mind these are Level 15 Spiders. They’re not mobs for players level 20+. This update also somewhat stops auto clickers since they will get even less XP from standing still.

I agree… I feel like crabs are better for farming at level 23+ now because of the low spider spawns… less XP per mob but when crabs spawn a lot more often than spiders and a high level makes the XP from both mobs low, crabs can give you more XP in the same time period…

and people who want to autoclick will probably go to crabs now as well