My Rant Megathread and Wishlist for Vesteria

This is a fairly large topic. You don’t have to read through everything if you want to. I will be adding more to this as time goes, but I will also remove some things if they have been addressed.

SQR Difficulty Scaling

SQR gets incredibly dull doing it with all level 30s and clearing the same weak mobs over and over and over. If a hardmode SQR won’t suffice, why not simply have the difficulty of the enemies of SQR change depending on your party instead of blocking it off for players past level 30? The difficulty would depend on the level of each party member you have as well as the number of party members. More party members would mean higher level enemies. Even though it isn’t meant to be viable past level 30, why not be able to give a chance to get a Crown beyond level 30 while still getting at least some fight out of the Queen?

Slight Roll Rework

Make Roll fit the role (haha) of a Warrior more. Roll isn’t very useful for anything except for movement due to its MP cost hurting DPS when trying to dodge attacks. Maybe give it IFrames or defense during the animation to make it more of a utility skill? The base speed of Roll should be reverted back to 90 as well, since it feels so slow and useless at level 1.

Adventurer Ability Requirement :ballot_box_with_check:

Lock Magic Missile and Regeneration until you get Double Slash. Some players forget to get it when they use a Skill Reset Tome and some new players don’t know that it is vital to get to make their basic attack effective.

VIT Rework/Buff

VIT has been in a pretty bad state for a long time. I personally never have found it worth to invest it because why get HP capacity when you could just have good armor and a bunch of Mighty Subs? For a short time after the stat rework update, I tested a full VIT build. I tested it in Colosseum and VIT actually provided me solid sustainability and it took quite a while for me to die. Now a full VIT build gets absolutely shredded as a low VIT player would due to no additional defense. It definitely wasn’t overpowered at a glance but I don’t know why VIT’s defense was removed without being able to thoroughly test if it was balanced.

If giving VIT direct defense addition won’t suffice, then why not have VIT directly reduce a percentage of damage? A good percentage of damage reduction per point in VIT could be 0.3% starting, but gradually decrease as you get more VIT so you won’t be having 60% damage reduction at level 49 as a full VIT Mage.

Enemy/Weapon Hitboxes

I can’t stress enough how bad some weapon/mob hitboxes are for certain enemies. Mainly Spiders and the Royal Fang’s hitbox. It has been a problem for quite a while now (since early alpha).

Stat/Faction Potion Buff

Stat pots feel really weak. They should give 8-12 of a stat instead because as of right now, they do not have a noticeable effect on gameplay (unless you get a significant stat perk from it). This could be built upon by making stronger stat potions as well.

Same goes for faction pots. The +1 stat boosts really aren’t really doing anything. Maybe have them give +4 of a stat for a short burst to make them worth using?

Spider Queen’s Crown Buff :ballot_box_with_check:

Make Spider Queen’s Crown better. +4 in every stat? That’s pretty lame alone, considering a class Headgear could give you +21 in a stat that you actually would make use of. Why not give the Crown a special perk like Spider Weapons, or give it Greed (considering it’s a crown anyway)?

AGL Buff

DEX makes your basic attack slightly more effective by increasing your attack rate (to a point until anti-exploit gets you), but what about skills? Maybe the AGL stat could also reduce the cast time of skills since at a point using skills with high DEX would just lower your DPS. And the high attack speed with DEX seems to not help because half the hits do not even register due to anti-exploit. Maybe the attack speed DEX gives could be lowered while fixing the anti-exploit while decreasing the cast time of skills instead.

Zap Re-Implementation (proposed as of Feb 28, 2020)

If Zap still exists, maybe buff it dramatically and turn it into a class enhancement skill for Sorcerer? It’d be a pretty cool to have Zap back in some form for us old Alpha Mages.

Stat Scrolls + Cursed Scroll Buff :ballot_box_with_check: eadd stat scrolls. I don’t see a reason for them to have been removed. Maybe make them harder to obtain or drop from giants/bosses only?

Curseds seem poor and underwhelming, even with the upcoming Cursed/Holy reworks. What made Cursed Scrolls interesting to use in the past is what you could get from it. It was like rolling a dice; anything could happen, whether that be you get Crit Chance on an equip or your equip just gets yeeted out of existence. The first Cursed rework ruined the fun of using them. Now I just throw them on random equips hoping to get good defense/attack upgrades that usually aren’t worth it compared to using ancients. Please make Curseds be able to give stats again.

The need for money sinks and a fixed economy

Economy is starting to inflate again because of the lack of money sinks. An easy way to counter this is by adding storage upgrades for high amounts of mushcoin. We need money sinks as soon as more content arrives!

I thoroughly describe past economic issues in this topic:

More organized equipment balancing :ballot_box_with_check:

I really think that things need to be set in place in implementation and having things be properly balanced. For example, it was proposed that Colosseum gear would have 4 upgrade attempts, yet they still have 3. In the case of Colosseum weapons this makes them objectively worse than Spider weapons. In addition, Icicle is a Yeti drop, yet it it is weaker than a Tomahawk at level 20. It doesn’t even have the 4 attempts it is supposed to have. What I’m saying is that changes should be completely carried out rather than done halfway. Maybe a checklist would be helpful to cover equipment that was missed or forgotten about.

Reutilization of a Trello Board for bug tracking :ballot_box_with_check:

I think the development team need to have stuff better organized if they aren’t already. There’s been a ton of bugs in the game for months on end that haven’t been either addressed or fix. Maybe bugs should be tracked on a Trello Board and it would be the Testers’ job to put in known bugs and how to reproduce them.

There are also some major bugs that prevent people from even playing the game and those have yet to been addressed. Can you guys make it clear that you are actually working to fix bugs rather than adding more stuff with old bugs still existing?

In the meanwhile, I’ve created a topic recently compiling all the bugs that exist in Beta 1.7:

A duty for Testers :ballot_box_with_check:

Testers should not just be existing as glorified members (some of which don’t even play the game). They should have a job of tracking bugs and organizing it on the Trello board with the cooperation of the developers. They should also not be left in the dark by the developers, and they be susceptible to demotion if they are inactive or abuse their role. Applications for Testers could be a thing for dedicated community members who are willing to contribute to Vesteria this way.

Desire for content refresh and Gamemasters

The game needs a refresh sometimes. Maybe random events or even Gamemaster events (like the ones berezaa held early alpha) would be a great way to keep old players and new players alike engaged when the current content get dry (and yes it is very dry right now due to no new content in months).

Here’s a thread describing the random events in detail.

In-game moderation (now upcoming)

If Gamemasters are scrapped, why not just have active in-game moderators? It should not take very long to give a small panel or skill book for an in-game moderator to ban someone or to give a few trusted Moderators permissions to ban in-game after seeing proof. It will allow exploiters to face punishment much quicker.

@berezaa, I know Vesteria has been stressing you out the past several months and I’m suggesting these changes that will help Vesteria get back on its feet. Some of these changes could lift some responsibilities from you such as having to ban exploiters periodically as well as thinking of how to prevent the economy from rapidly inflating. There’s other topics with other amazing ideas and feedback in #general-discussion and I suggest you read them.


I pretty much agree with everything you said and I really want vesteria to change for the greater good.


you forgot in your bug to talk about the fact that some player CANT even play a slot and some of them have their main slot stuck, you can see it here The prob of some slot

i agree with alot thing even if since i got my main slot stuck i dont play alot anymore until a fix so i dunno about how the economy ingame atm.

You know vesteria is dipping when the #1 player rants about it. Shall we move the others in aswell?

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Another thing I really hate is that since I’m going for knight and that there’s no perk at 50 VIT. Also I agree that VIT is kinda trash at the moment and it needs a re-work. Also, vesteria NEEDS more weapon diversity. Everyone looks basically the same.


oh also
In my opinion Thundercall has always been an upgrade from Zap
so adding that to subclasses would be a bit of a downgrade

Perhaps make zap the “fourth” core mage ability

Bring back the orb

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meta be writing those essays get lit

i agree with all of this. Gamemaster events can very much bring up new fun opportunities and community gather-arounds. Plus with the approach of how updates are made currently (big updates, big waiting time), it gives the devs more time to finish things up, while also fixing things.

There needs to be a couple of wacky combos that work well for weapons, like you inflict poison and poison heals you or something like that. Otherwise weapons are mega bland atm

I’m 100% agree with you
especially Zap Re-Implementation, Cursed Scroll Buff, and VIT Rework/Buff

I’m may not a person who likes to say something wrong/off with the game but
I have to say you made a good valid point

You forgot to add the part at the end saying that you know this will take 5 more months.

per update

per “rework”

Per bug fix

per ui change

I’m particularly glad a lot of my wishes for Vesteria on this list have been fulfilled. The game really is going into a good direction.

I believe this thread should be closed?

Ah alright, and I meant it should be closed because most of the things have been implemented already.