My overall opinions on this game (Probably way too long, TL;DR at the bottom)

This post will be my overall first (second? idk) impressions of the game and my thoughts and improvements for it. This post will probably be way too long, and I’m sorry for that. If it gets too crazy I’ll add a TL;DR. Mainly this will consist of my opinions on things already implemented into the game. I don’t want to spend much time with all of the hypothetical new features. Anyway, without further ado, let’s get into this.

Before you tell me that “This game is still in alpha” or “It’s only 15 weeks old”, I know, this is mainly my ideas on how to improve the game from where it is. I understand that 15 weeks isn’t much time at all for developing a game.

One other thing is that I have no clue how to code games, or anything about coding, so some of my ideas might be completely ridiculous.

1a. I guess I’ll start off with something that has annoyed myself and many others: the combat. The main problem with the combat for me, is that it gets very repetitive very quickly. Combat for all enemies seems to be pretty much the same. The only thing that seems to change this is the size of an enemy, where it turns slower and hits you less. Other than that, as said by others “they all hit you with the same basic attack.” This makes the combat feel very repetitive, since every monster just seems like a cooler looking version of a lower level monster.

1b. A decent way to fix this problem would be to change up how enemies attack you. I think that making the enemies attack slower, and with a different type of attack would be pretty cool. Some enemies could jump at you, others could swing at you like normal, and some others could have some sort of ranged attack (maybe the spiders could shoot webs?) I would also definitely prefer that overall combat was changed to rely more on a player’s skill to read and dodge attacks than spamming health pots.

2a. I feel like the amount of different monsters is too low and that they don’t scale in difficulty very well. The early game is perfectly fine with the baby mushrooms, mushrooms, and elder mushrooms. The problem is the crabs and spiders. They crabs and spiders both do a crazy amount of damage, and seem like their given level is much lower than it should be. Another thing is the jump from “level 7” to “level 15”. This is a very large gap, that is pretty hard to clear without a ton of grinding.

2b. First of all, I think that the crabs should be changed to be maybe level 11 or so monsters, since thats when fighting them becomes doable. Spiders should be raised to 17-19, as they do quite a lot of damage to someone who has maxed strength (damage resistance). Another thing that would be awesome is if there was more than one level of monster in each area. The first 2 areas do this perfectly, then after level 5 it is forgotten for the rest of the game. I do understand that making new monsters takes quite a while, but I think I have a solution to this. The monsters can just have their stats lowered or raised, and have the stronger versions be in the back of the area. This would allow for a larger variety of things to fight while not having to make any new monsters.

3a. Although adding a stamina is a good idea, I think the base stamina is a bit too low. My character often gets tired from going on a short jog, and with gigantic (and pretty awesome) new areas in the works, the amount we can travel should be a bit further. The movement skills are cool, but not all too useful (besides roll, but thats broken). Double jumping is fun, but doesn’t seem to help in any way, and also doesn’t make you travel any faster. Rolling and jumping gives you superspeed, but i doubt that will stay forever (sadly, that looks like fun)

3b. To combat the long distance, I think we need one of two things, either a higher base stamina (yes, I know dex exists) or mounts (<–Pick that one it would be awesome) I think that although movement skills look nice, the hunter’s double jump needs to be replaced with something that is fast moving like how the class should be. (Maybe a dash or something like that one guy from Overwatch) Mage’s teleport seems pretty decent for what it’s used for, and hopefully warrior’s roll will make dodging easier in the future.

Skills (non-movement)
4a. The skills in the game are pretty decent, but they all seem pretty weak after a while. This might be caused by the lack of points I’ve put into strength, but 2 of the 3 classes are not based on upgrading INT. Projectile skills are quite annoying since you cannot control where they go, causing them to miss often, and most skills deal less damage than my melee attacks. I’ve heard the ground pound is an offender of this, but it is AOE, so that seems fine. Also, not being able to max adventurer skills and having too many hunter points is pretty annoying

4b. I think that the base damage of skills should be buffed a bit with every upgrade so that they will be useful later on in the game. I remember seeing someone say that auto-aim will be toggleable, but I am not 100% sure. It would also be nice if instead of having skill points specific to each category, we could have points that can go to any category we have unlocked.

5a. This one will be short. The new party system is pretty nice, I like being able to earn some extra exp while teaming up with friends. The system was very buggy though. Sometimes while you are in a party you are just not able to leave the party. If your party leader leaves the party, no new leader is set, and combined with the last bug means that you are stuck in an area forever. This makes partying pretty painful.

5b. I really like parties, but I think that a decent workaround to the bug would be if you try to leave an area in a party, the game prompts you to leave the party before being able to leave.

TL;DR - I bet you didn’t read all that, so here’s the short version
1a. The combat gets repetitive and monster attacks are all the same
1b. Fix this by changing how enemies attack, and change combat so it is more focused on skill and dodging
2a. Little amount of monsters and poor level values and scaling at high level monsters
2b. Fix this by adding multiple levels of monsters in each area and changing the level of crabs and spiders. Also add the same monster (so no new models needed for now) and change the health and damage to create more variety.
3a. Stamina runs out quickly and movement abilities dont help much.
3b. Fix this by adding either more stamina or mounts. Also change the hunter movement skill to be actually useful since double jump doesn’t really help in combat.
4a. Skills become less useful the higher level you get, they don’t do much damage and ranged skills are harder to control
4b. Fix this by raising the amount of damage each skill does per level, and allowing players to aim ranged skills.
5a. Parties are good, but when you want to leave, bugs start happening. (Cannot leave party and party leader left so they cannot kick you)
5b. Fix this by adding a prompt to leave parties when trying to leave an area.

Please reply with your opinions and ideas! Thanks for reading <3 (even though nobody read it all)

The End

Okay That Is A Lot Of Writing Lets Hope The Devs Read It.

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Yes, I agree, cough @berezaa cough

  1. No plans to increase monster complexity at the moment. Combat is meant to be more about resource management (cooldowns, potions, etc.) than raw mechanic skill. We may make some minor changes like lowering the speed at which monsters rotate and giving bonus damage for attacking from behind.

  2. Pretty much everything scaling-wise is not finished right now. We plan to implement other monsters between level 6-15 before beta. We just got the spiders out and at such a high level to give the people already in that level range something fun to do

  3. The way we handle stamina is really weird right now. It’s hard to explain but I’ll look into changing it this week and giving players a stamina bar

  4. Ranged ability targeting is something we’re always going to be working on improving. FYI, mousing over the enemy you want to target with a ranged ability should prioritize them. We might work on this a bit more. Skills are also not final, we plan to add several more and rework a couple of existing ones.

  5. These are bugs. We will fix them


Well Good Luck To The Development Team Berezaa! I Wish The Best Of Luck Upon You And The Team!

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@berezaa Please just give us universal skill points when we level up so we don’t have to focus on the single skill book, it makes no sense to do it this way

Btw what does TL;DR stand for

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oh, i read it anyway though, i have a long one too Skill Ideas For All Classes

I agree on this, in most games you get 1 skill point per level but you can use it on anything you want. It just makes more sense that you should be able to develop your character how you want it instead of having to focus on one book.

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Don’t mind this, just testing something.

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