My lag is immeasurable and my gameplay is ruined

So one reason why i never go to isle is the immense lag that comes from damage numbers and effects. With countless people using caustic wounds and venom bombs, the constant numbers coming out of boss freezes my whole computer. A feature in settings that allows the player to toggle on/off damage numbers and ally projectiles would be greatly appreciated.

It’s not damage numbers. There’s something so messed up about that map that we are seriously contemplating asking Roblox engineers for help. We’ve tried disabling damage numbers on that map and it didn’t fix the problem.

Didn’t this get fixed (kinda)? Its way less laggy now compared to when it was first released despite the players per server being the same.

Hmm, but it seems like the only time I lag is when boss spawns, whicih is when all the number start popping everywhere.

Im pretty sure maxed players in isle went from 40 at release to 30 like 2 updates ago, correct me if i’m wrong

Yeah but I’m talking about after that. As in most people don’t crash anymore

i still crash :sob:

When was the last time you were on the isle? I think it got major lag reduced a week or two ago

like yesterday, and my lag is so much i cant leave isle, cause i cant even open inv for rune or move

Oh. Well oof, maybe try blocking people and getting into a small server? It appears the lag is still bad for some other people I guess

problem with isle is that moko weapons are dying in price, so less people are in isle, less meaning not enough to fill server and create new one, so there are still like 20 people lagging me like crazy, the most people i can handle is like 10 b4 crashing

This is what I do to get a really small server. Have roblox open in a browser, go into a server, block someone, repeat until you get into a really small server. Then unblock everyone you blocked because they might be nice people

I like that title.

funny meme

Chances are there are exploiters on the island. I grinded Moglokos and Mo Ko Tu Aa to level 45, and from what I could tell it only ever lags when the boss/giants are being killed rapidly by exploiters. You should check everyone in your island to see if they’re using Death Aura if you’re getting lag.

I think the lag has gotten recently better. So what ever they are doing is helping.

I’m not even sure entirely what caused it but after a while it just seems like my ROBLOX server just catches a lag flu or something, and I’ll continue to get extended drops to 0 FPS several times a minute until I leave the server and rejoin. It seems to temporarily fix even if I end up in the same server with the same people.