My knowledge of how scrolls work

Someone made a post asking about how scrolls worked in the game. I responded to them with this info, but I added a bit more here and it would probably be a good idea to put this stuff in the guides section in case anyone else was curious.

  1. Scrolls are used to upgrade the base damage of your weapons and armor. There are specific scrolls for both weapons and armor that can be bought in the Enchanted Forest. You have 7 attempts to upgrade each weapon or armor. Whether an upgrade is successful or not, the scroll is destroyed on use and the remaining attempts available are lowered.

  2. Scrolls are obtained in 2 ways, either by lucky drops or from the shop in the Enchanted Forest. As far as I know, all monsters can drop scrolls. (Baby Shrooms and Mushrooms might not, since I don’t remember specifically getting a scroll drop from them) Spiders can only drop 70% and 10% scrolls, making the Enchanted Forest the place to go for scroll farming.

  3. The difference between 100%, 70%, and 10% is how much they upgrade your weapons.

100% scrolls will add on from 5.00% to 7.69% of your weapon’s base damage.
70% scrolls will add on from 8.62% to 11.54% of your weapon’s base damage.
10% scrolls will add on from 20.45% to 25.00% of your weapon’s base damage and add 1 STR to the weapon.

Here is a spreadsheet of all of the weapons, and how scrolls effect them.

  1. The most effective way to use scrolls is really up to how long you want to spend trying to get a good weapon.
  • If you don’t really care, use 7 70% scrolls until you get a weapon that is at least 5-7 successes
  • If you want a good weapon, use 10% scrolls on a weapon until one succeeds on its first try. Then use 6 70% scrolls to hopefully get 5-6 more successes.
  • If you are literally insane go for 2 10% scrolls in a row on your weapon, then 5 70% scrolls hoping for 4-5 more successes, but the odds of getting that are very low.

If anyone can figure out the base rates (taking rounding into consideration), please let me know!
Also, if a developer sees this, it would be awesome if we could get these numbers.


Or you can just be an idiot and buy 10 10% scrolls and use RNG to decide if they work or not

Don’t worry, getting a +47 is about a 0.15% chance.

Yeah I know that having 7 10% scrolls work on an item is a below 1 chance.

I forgot that picture existed… that changes things. I’ll do a lot more in-depth tests of scrolls later today if possible.

But The Real Question Is If You Did It Or Not.

I didn’t
I’m poor :frowning:
(10 10% scrolls is 100k

That was a picture that berezaa posted a while back when scrolls were new.

I Already Know Berezaa Posted It.

I don’t think the devs will tell us the secrets of scrolls. It would ruin the whole ‘chance’ part of it and take them away from what they were.

True, but we do have a rough estimate of what they do, so that is nice I guess.

yea it’s 1 in 10,000,000 or a 0.00001% chance
meanwhile 7 70% scrolls is slightly above an 8% chance

you could combine literally all the money earned by players in the beta tests and you would not be able to make a +7 10% scroll
hell, even if you used all the exploited money as well you just wouldn’t have the time

to beat a +7 70% weapon with 10% scrolls you’d need to make a +4 10% weapon with a chance of 0.01%
nevertheless, i’m sure there will be ways to increase the success chances of scrolls in the future

Maybe combining scrolls so the effect or percentage is better

Something like that would be cool. Personally I think that They should just add more expensive scrolls with better odds. (That are obtained later on in the game) That way players later on couldn’t just buy hundreds of scrolls with the insane amount of gold they have gathered.

uhm thanks for the google docs i dont really understand it but thanks

are you crazy or something
anything under 100% just doesn’t work

70% works 3/4 times for me

Looking at the spreadsheet, it seems like each scroll divides base damage by a number and rounds it up to the nearest integer to determine how much damage to add.
100% scroll divides by 20
70% scroll divides by 12
10% scroll divides by 5