My info gathering adventures!

With the paid release coming (hopefully) soon, I’m gonna be trying to fill out a lot of the vesteria wiki. I’ll also try and make some tutorials and guides on heare. Any stuff you all would be interested in seeing?

  • Xp amounts from each monster / how xp is calculated (this one seems painful but ok)
  • How stats work / effect your character and gameplay.
  • Skills, damage, mana cost etc.
  • Map of the world (Lord this one sounds hard)
  • No! Do what I said in my reply. (Pick this if you want something I didnt put.

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I wanna pick like 3…

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Going between map and stats.

Here’s a multiple choice poll for any of you wanting to pick more than one choice. Srry it’s just abc etc but I’m too lazy to copy and paste all that on my phone.

  • A.
  • B.
  • C.
  • D.
  • E.

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I’ll probably end up doing them all. I just want to know what to focus on the most.

Yea I figured lol but it’s fun to make polls

I recommend the effects of stats first, because that’s going to be the most relevant early on, it will help people to focus on how to develop their character.

True, for now strength seems overpowered over DEX in PvP

Dex is gonna be so painful to test. I’ll basically have to get hit hundreds of times for each point applies to find out the dodge rates :frowning:

Thats an ouch

Good luck

Good Luck On Spending Around Multiple Weeks Just To Do It.

Orrrr just ask berezaa what the formula is when dodging is added. Same with crit hits.

If he is willing to tell us that then I’m happy to not have to do any of this.

Developers won’t tell their secrets that easily.

But poly told us the chance of giants spawning and bere told us the stamina formula

Well, then let’s get somebody to ask.

Letting Giants Spawn Is A Lot Easier To Test Than Dodge Rates.

Ill probably make a topic asking about stats later

Finding the dodge rate also won’t give us the exact info we want, it will tell us how likely it is to activate, but not if it will activate.

If anyone hasn’t already voted, can you please do that? There is currently a tie for the main thing I should focus on, and both of the options cannot be done at the same time.