My Ideas for a potential "Boss Rush" mode

While this idea is very similar to [Dungeon] Death’s Tower, I think I have enough new content and thoughts to distinguish it.

While this won’t be a “mode” per se, it DOES have a lot of potential. With “The Pit” area branching off from the sewers, bringing a new boss with it, it got me thinking that we could use all these creative baddies in a way that connects them all. Thus, a Boss Rush to truly test the skills of even the most hardened Vesterians!

To simplify, this would be its own “Dungeon” akin to Spider Queen’s Revenge or even the upcoming Whispering Dunes dungeon. Each floor houses its own unique environment, along with a boss. Once you beat a boss, you progress to the next floor, and face another foe.

The longer answer is far more…complex. This dungeon could be it’s own area, or even have a similar treatment to Mushpocalypse, or be like the Colisseum. A party of brave Vesterians would go into this dungeon, and will be able to vote on what they’d like to face. There could be varying levels of difficulty, with the party deciding if they don’t want to tackle every boss, if they want a nerfed, Giant, Super Giant, or even Colossal version of each boss, and how they can handle the respawning system. (Do you want to force a perfect run? Respawn once each boss is gone? Come back every 2 or 3 rooms? Only for the final floor?).

Visually, the Boss Rush area would be nothing special. (Until you start fighting, of course.) It could have architecture based off of any of the Faction cities, Nilgarf or the Dunes village. (This depends on where the devs wish to put it on the map, of course.) The first floor is extremely basic, just usual crates, stones, and maybe a shopkeeper or some NPCs to talk to and some invincible test dummies to test your DPS. Things get interesting once the team votes on the ruleset and begins the first fight.

Floor 1: Chad Yeah, he’s the easiest boss so it’s not too surprising. Smashing, spinning, walking, strutting, all the stuff he usually does. His floor is filled with mushrooms (some of them large enough to bounce off of.), moss and other things resembling Mushroom Grotto. However, like all the other bosses featured here, he’d have a new attack. Now, he would have the ability to make shockwaves on the ground after enough HP is scratched off of him. He’d comedically punch himself in the head, then slam in the ground, creating shockwaves. Perhaps the not-so-agile classes would need to utilize the bouncy mushrooms to avoid getting hit.

Floor 2: The Yeti This icy brute houses floor 2. He has his usual antler thrash and pounding, but now there’s something…different about him. His room is stuffed with snow, and may even be on an Icy floor if the difficulty is set high enough. There’s also some…very weakened icicles on the ceiling. There’s also the usual bones and rotting skeleton from his cave too. One his HP gets low enough, the Yeti will run towards one of the Icicles and use it as a ranged weapon, or even just start throwing them, acting as projectiles. This can be prevented by destroying all of them before he has the chance, but wouldn’t you focus on the sasquatch flattening your party members?

Floor 3: Spider Queen Probably the most Iconic boss in the game, the mother of all arachnids houses floor 3. She’s a real piece of work, made even worse by the irritating columns on her floor. Her floor has little spider eggs draped across the walls, purple rocks and stones across the floor, with some blue glowing mushrooms on the ground, like a mini-Spider Abyss. She’s got all her usual tricks, including that annoying Rallying Screech. However, now she’ll be able to climb on the walls and even the ceilings (if the difficulty is set high enough). The bright side is that she’ll eventually take one too many projectiles to the face and land flat on her head, stunning her for a bit. This is when the Warriors and other melee-based classes can finally pitch in again.

Floor 4: Terror of the Deep Only 90s kids will remember. Yes, it’s back. But only in the Boss Rush, he’ll still always be a tourist attraction in Port Fidelio once you head out. His floor is actually entirely underwater, with sand on the bottom of the floor and coral decorating the walls. He’d probably be nerfed big-time on the easier difficulties, even despite his new attack. After losing enough HP, he’ll do a whale call and summon little mini-whales, fittingly named "Terrors of the Shallow". Make him wish he stayed on berezza’s chopping block!

Floor 5: Mo Ko Tu Aa Somehow, all 4 of them are here without a single dead Moglo or Mogloko. Their room has a color pallet very similar to Forsaken Isle, and even some scattered Moko-Huts for some elevation. The new attack this time around is that they’re being carried around by some seemingly invincible Mokos and Moglokos. This means that they’re able to move. While this may freak out a few of their attacks, it’ll be a fitting challenge. Humiliate the inhabitants of Forsaken Isle once again, and head out!

Floor 6:Azariah the Blood-crazed AND Auktufiti the Watcher Fight one, Fight one free. These overgrown Bandits have to share a floor together. Azariah takes to the ground, while Auktufiti has a miniature version of his watchtower. It doesn’t matter who you go for first, but they must both be defeated to progress. This time, they both have inhabited thier own version of a Ranger and Berseker skill, and the mods can pick which one. The room is coated in Sand, and has a whole lot of Bandit Flags on the walls. Maybe even Azariah’s cage is there too. Take care of these awkward roommates and move it?

Floor 7:Skarakis the Impaler The Bandits needed to share a room, yet the scorpion gets his own floor. Well, not really. He does all the stuff he usually does, but he has an absurd amount of deathstings around him. His special ability is camoflague, being able to blend in with the other scorpions until a player deals enough damage to him. Once the miniboss falls, take care of all the extra Deathstings. The room isn’t too different from the previous one (Visually, at least) aside from the Bandit merchandise being swapped for some…shiny ore straight out of Skarakis’ cave. Just one more Dunes boss left!

Floor 8: The Scarab The last Dunes enemy you’ll face, and it’s not an easy one. This room is coated in sand once again, but the floor seems very…hollow. This is the doing of the Scarab’s new attack. Now it’ll burrow underground and will try and unearth itself right below its opponent. If it connects, it’ll do a variant of its Bite attack and will only stop if its hit enough times. Wail on it before your friend becomes Scarab chow! Finish it off, and there’s no more Dunes for you!

Floor ?: The Possum Yeah…I’m not too sure where else this would go. We know what the environment would look like and some of it’s attacks, but I’m unsure on what level it would be, so it’s tough to find a place for it. Would definitely be a different strategy than in the Pit.

Floor ?: Horseshoe crab Same deal as The Possum. We have little idea of its level, attacks and where it would be (aside from the hunter region, which doesn’t really narrow it down.)

Final Floor: The Mix I already have about 2 paragraphs on a super-duper late game boss fight here. Vesteria Monster Brainstorm Beat this abomination and bank the ending!

Once you beat all/enough bosses, there will be one more thing to decide. How do you wish to be rewarded? Mushcoin? Gear? Weapons? Scrolls? Boss drops? Ethyr? Either the developers or the difficulty you chose will decide. Maybe this place will have it’s own version of Marks of Valor, Spider Eggs, Golden Mushrooms, and Crystal Beetles. Personally, I’d have one of the rewards be a pet, but that’s just me.

Some final remarks, I’m not sure where the boss rush would be located, but it shouldn’t be anywhere the low levels can access. This is for hardcore fans and hardcore players, and is definitely what all the level 50s could speedrun and flex their rewards about. This could also be handled in a variety of ways, such as having a secret Final boss at the end, having the floors loop back to Chad once the Scarab is dead, or anything else. That’s for the mods to decide.

Many thanks for reading, this was PROBABLY my longest topic yet.

there shpuld be an option to fight all of them at once, and if u win, u should get 50g(if u chose mushcoin) a new bss drop, but legendary teir(u would probabaly get this is u chose boss drop after beating it one by one, but it wouldnt be legendary) cursed scrolls with 95% chance of working, and after that, 2% chance of destroying item, and 60% chance for it to be a gold(it would be normal cursed scrolls, with lower destroy chance if you won one by one) mabe this should have the golden yeti too. that thing drops TONS of gold, but has soooooo muchhhhh healthhhhhh

That’d be WAY too hard

I don’t know if i read this wrong, but make it an option so you can chose before hand so you don’t get stuck only choosing 1 thing


thats the point. also, max lvl players could split up and solo each one individually

but they’re so many bosses tho

i know. thats why the rewards are so good. one thing u could do is lure em all into one spot, and lose their attention, then bring one over and fight em one at a time

uh ok i guess

the main issue with having all the bosses together is how the room would be set up. Cus there’re both aquatic and land-based bosses included.


it should be like a water area and a land area

yeah, that might work.

ok. time to press vote. i think this will be my last vote ree

I think the penultimate boss should be Tal-Rey, fought before the mix, making him similar to the lunatic cultist in terraria, being the most human like boss, and after dying the final boss approaches (but in terraria you have to do the lunar events to fight the final boss).

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This is an interesting idea.

Boss rush? Sign me up! I’ll get my Cleric! Max Multibomb, Max Thundercall, Max Flare, Resurrect, lvl 44.

Primary weapon is Webbed Staff +14. Once lvl 45, though, Chitin Scythe +12 (one failed great) and Astrologist’s Scepter +8 (three failed Ancient INT). Armor is kinda bad, being only Artificer’s Robes +8 (three failed greats). I need holies bad, maybe time to just farm SQR … my Cleric has always had a iffy time with that, but last time I tried I was only level 36… maybe I’ll try when it reopens, probably will get to lvl 45 first.

sqr is easy to level up from. you can grind the spiderlings in egg pile room

Ah, ok. I kill everything in my path (literally nothing survives, even in the second parkour), get maybe 40m EXP per run.

you are like my clone, you have my exact luck


Y’know, it was actually you that suggested the Artifier’s Hat trick that blew up those three Ancient INTs. I’m not mad tho, you’re a good person and really don’t derserve my fury. I was gonna use those on Astrologist’s anyway, and Artificer is actually better than Archaeomagus for my Cleric - it keeps Multibomb, not it’s best source of damage but a pretty dam good one.

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