My ideas (biased towards warriors)

So I have been thinking about what I would enjoy in vesteria and I came up with some ideas, here is a list of some, let me know what you think.

  1. An Itempedia: In the game Fantastic Frontier there is an itempedia that displays all the fish,feathers,mob drops, harvestable things, and stuff in the nightmare. I think this would be a fun idea especially for people who have reached the level cap since it will urge them to go out and collect things.

2.A spin attack for warriors: I like all of the warrior attacks, but I think adding a spin attack would be interesting and could help in certain situations.

3: vanity armor: One thing I like in RPGs, is to be able to look good while still having the best stats (whether I like the look of the best armor or not). And once you get armor and hats, most of the character customization is obsolete. I think it would be neat if there was some kind of vanity armor like the familiar clothes in Terraria that just show you your character.

4.Holiday update: It’s December and soon the holidays will be coming up, I think it would be nice if there was something you could get only during the holidays (like a present for playing.)

Make a Santa Spider boss that drops holiday themed fishing rods :ok_hand:

A itempedia is basically the wiki. A spin attack seems a little too agile for a warrior. I’d use vanity armor, but I’d have too much to choose from. Holiday updates would probably come, but not for December since it will still be in alpha with working on major things atm.