My Idea of Cooking

Cooking in Vesteria would really set a nice mood. Not only would it give you comfort after grinding, but it would also provide use to yourself.


Campfires would now have an option to Cook. Many items a Vesterian can encounter would have the option to do this.

Once your near a campfire and it’s on, it would open up a menu. This menu would have one slot that says the option to cook.

Placing a cookable item will make a timer appear. The timer will go faster or slower depending on the food your cooking. For example; an apple cooking would take around 15 seconds; while a pear would take 20 seconds.

Note: You would only be able to cook one item at a time.

Cookable Items

The first cookable item a Vesterian would encounter is an Apple. After picking an apple; it would already have its own base hp that would give you. For example, a regular apple would have 50 HP and a cooked apple would have 75 HP. This would apply to other items that have stats as well.

Apple > Cooked Apple - 15 Seconds - Cooking an apple would increase the HP given.

Pear > Cooked Pear - 20 Seconds - Cooking a pear would increase the stamina given.

Banana > Cooked Banana - 20 Seconds - Cooking a banana would increase the jump/speed given.

Hog Meat > Cooked Hog Meat - 25 Seconds - Cooking hog meat would increase the attack it gives.

Fish > Cooked Fish - 25 Seconds - Cooking a fish would increase the HP and MP given.

Value Increase

Cooking one of these three would increase the overall value of it. For example, an apple would go around 20 copper and a cooked apple would go for 50 copper. This would help the early game to slow it down more and gather money for more resources.


Cooking would be highly useful to lower level players and possibly higher levels. It would slow down the early game by making players gather and look around the environment for resources that would become useful to them. It would also give them a better understanding of selling and values for beginners.

Your cooking an apple.

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Me after eating a cooked banana:


I actually love the idea of cooking but i think hog meat should be cookable too

totally forgot about hog meat thanks lol

For cooking to be worth it remember fish like just look at consumables on the wiki i wanna cook my muffins

time to put my 6 stacks of fresh fish to use

cook them 1 by 1 for a couple hours

w h y d I d y o u h a v e t o r u I n m y j o y

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I didn’t even know who you are since like 2 days ago but this video has earned my instant respect.

Excuse me what the ####?
Who the frickety-frattle cooks fricking fruit on a fire?

I like the cooking idea though. Perhaps you can even make thinks like Fish Stew or Mushroom Soup or Hog Meat Pie or Blueberry Muffins, etc.

But if they add cooking they should also add growing crops, which can be used as ingredients.

just hold the apple over the fire

Mushroom Soup Recipe

This is a recipe for a delicious bowl of mushroom soup, native to the small village of Mushtown.


4 Golden Mushrooms
2 Hog Meat
6 Apples
2 Raw Fish
1 Spider’s Essence


  1. Preheat campfire to 275°F (135°C)
  2. Prepare Hog Meat by seasoning and grilling for approximately 2.5 hours, let set for 15 minutes.
  3. Mash Raw Fish, Golden Mushrooms, and Apples into a completely opaque and paste-like liquid.
  4. Empty vial of Spider’s Essence into said mixture.
  5. Chop up the Hog Meat and dress to preference, place pieces of the meat into the mixture.

Chef’s Note

Be careful when mixing the mushrooms into the fish and apples, as mixing for too little time can result in an almost lethal toxicant.


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woah that sounds epic

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Imagine along with cooking you could make posions, incorrectly cooking an item could result in a poison or a general loss of item/life

quickly crams spider eggs into mushroom soup

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Instead of just cooking fruits, maybe more dishes would need certain ingredients, like moglomelon cake (moglomelons + bag of sugar + new items).

Actually maybe it should be
4 Golden Mushrooms
10 Orange Potions
3 Mana Elixir
3 Red Mushrooms

Don’t you think that we should be able to catch fish again before trying to cook it?