My Idea for Mounts/Horses


Say you want to go from the colosseum to Redwood Pass in time for the Yeti Boss. You know that you are not going to make it in time. Most Say, USE A RUNE. But, What if you have none, then what do you do?

I suggest Horses; Horses can take you across the map in less than two minutes, their fast, reliable and trustworthy.

How do you get them?- Well, first you have to go to Farmlands and go to the Stables. If you try to enter and don’t have your horse with you then you get stopped by the Stable Boy.

If you haven’t previously bought a Horse then he will give you the Option to buy a Horse for 20 silver.

If you did have a horse (or if it was killed in battle) and it’s not with you then you can ask the Stable Boy to give a Horse and it will spawn in the Stables and you have to go get it from inside the Stables.

-You can shoot with your staff and bow and you can strike with your sword on the horse but you can’t use any dodge abilities or abilities that require you to move, you have to dismount to do that.


C to Mount
C to DisMount

Idk if it’s a good idea or if it has been previously mentioned or not.

This is not a new idea…


Isn’t this just what mounts are going to be? Horses would probably be a mount, in that case.

oke sir

yeah, mounts are a planned thing, so yay.

You can close post now.

I am not going to close the post, it’s a good idea and puts a different perspective to mounts and how they could work. If you give me a topic about mount ideas made in the past, I will close and merge this with it.

Why do you choose to be this this. ;-;

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Jesus God this is not a new idea and I see this post every day.

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;-; oke, im happy they are being made

i like this way of mounts better than the way other games do it.

also doc stop being a jerk “Close it.” and stop giving people warnings like your some sort of elder

who is this directed towards?

it was mentioned earlier in the sentence but DoctorPoppins. he does this sometimes so i figured i’d talk about it in this post and then drama started in another post so :L

So? People can still make this known to the devs.

That sounds pretty cool!

Dang…That’s cheap af.
Maybe 250 silver and you have to feed your horse with hay every so often

Brooms for mages lol

I don’t know about this, I feel like it will somehow mess up the game balance.

Why is that?