My Grinding Exp Tips:

Edit this, as information is outdated.
1. Ask people in the Mushroom Forest to join your party or in any place. Example:”Anyone want a party?” Generally these will fill up. Fill these to the max to gain a 20% exp boost. This is well known and pretty self-explanatory.
2. Simply grind normal Mushrooms as 2 exp you gain from them is very efficient compared to other mobs, such as the Elder Mushroom. The Elders will only give 4 exp without any Party Exp boosts.
3. If you are starting out then first get a good weapon, as normal mushrooms drop wooden swords or clubs which provide good damage, or buy a pitchfork from Nilgarf if you are level 5+ in order to kill these Normal Shrooms easily.
4. If your level is level 10 and you’ve chosen mage you all you need is blink to get around the map to easily gain 3.4 exp per kill.
4. A. If you have chosen your classes, then your class weapons will increase how much damage you deal, simply put, you can 2 shot or 3 shots, eventually 1 shot the Normal Mushrooms if you grind that high.**
5. If you have a lot of Dexterity which will increase how long you run, then simply run.
6. You can basically grind these guys until you reach the level desired.
7. If you feel like you grinded enough mushrooms then grinding crabs is what should be aimed for next, but if you cannot easily kill crabs then do not follow this step. Find the Crabby Den, which is in the ocean near an island with a palm tree, there should be a shell, go under that and you’re in. There will be a lot of crabs that will help you gain a lot of exp.
ETC: As you level up to a certain level, the amount of EXP from an enemy should lessen.

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I remember that in the demo, there was a better level 5 weapon in Mushtown (pitchfork)

If the pitchfork is still in Mushtown wouldn’t it be better to buy that instead?