My forum posts (The good ones)

I figured it would be nice to put all of my posts in a single easy to access thing, shoutouts to TheInsanePizzaFace for the idea. I’ll update this with all of my future posts, so check this every once in a while if you don’t want to accidentally miss anything.

Public Service Announcement

Please read other posts before making bug reports

Tutorials and Guides

My knowledge of how scrolls work
The Vesteria Wiki!

New Features (1 New)

Ideas for housing NEW
Rerolling Skill Points
Auto Item Pickup
Dodging Attacks
Mounts for Travel (Not Combat)

My Opinions

This was made after the week 15 playtest My overall opinions on this game (Probably way too long, TL;DR at the bottom)
Why delaying the release date was a good thing

Stories and Stuff

24 Hours later - My time in Vesteria