My exp farming guide

This guide is my personal guide of leveling in the beta version(where level 50 is the max).My guide is very unique and may even be said a bad guide.This is all just my personal opinion so please if you want to that critique it fairly and with a non-angrily tone.With that out of the way we can start

Level 1-2.
To start your adventure do both of scruff’s quests.These will level you up to level 2.

Level 2-10.
Next head to mushroom grotto and then to great crossroads (unless chad is about to spawn).There you will have to exit the cave and find the scarecrows near the bridge to nilgarf. Now you must get your scarecrow aggressive and lure them to a wood wall,or any,.Here jump over your selected wall and hit the scarecrow through the wall until it is dead. Continue this until level 10.

Level 10-20.
At this point make sure you have your faction. The mob to be farmed at this point is the spiders. They give great loot for selling and have great exp value (because of there amount this is). They are very simple to farm and are easy to avoid.When you have reached level 20 its time to head to the sewers

Level 10-20 option two
The other way of leveling to level twenty is mushroom apocalypse in mushtown.To do this you must first recruit a group of 4-6 level 10-20 players. Now you must speak to the a lady near the mushroom forest and activate the wave based game.After you will be teleported to the mushtropolis. On wave 4 and 8 i recommend you head to the middle of the map(the cage)because there is mass-mushrooms there on those waves.I recommend this for times where the game is quite popular.

Level 20-27
Here is the time where farming becomes difficult. The place for this (as mentioned in the last paragraph)is the sewers. your best bet at farming this dusty place is to go to the rat spawn er- Here the farming is in a compact area so unless a group is there it will be very difficult to farm the rats. Sometimes a huge rat will spawn . This should be a sign for you to retreat and attack from below the opening. Continue this until you have reached level 27 where its gonna cost you.

Level 27-38
As here comes to a point where the price is extreme for the needed place. The forsaken isle. It will cost you 100 silver per a trip to the forsaken isle making it expensive if you die a lot.the boat comes at the hour marks 0:00/0:20/0:40, Departs at 0:05/0:25/0:45 and arrives at forsaken at 0:10/0:30/0:50.Make sure you have a rune to come back after you are done with forsaken.Here if your on the lower end of levels you should hit an enemy once and run.If you are below level 35 hit the boss and run(the boss spawns when the fourth head has been placed).Now its time to get dusty.

Level 38-43
Here is the first whispering dunes farming place. You will need to farm sting nails in the scorpion pit(There is a map on the wiki that will be listed below).sting nails are quite strong up close so if you are a hunter use a bow or if you are a mage use spells.The finale is next


Level 43-49
The final grinding location lays in the worm pit of -again- whispering is located to the left of cacti grove. These worms can shoot a projectile and the area has no roof meaning that you will constantly have to heal yourself from the sun if it is day time.All said and done it will take a long time to farm those 7 levels.If you get bored doing this you may go back to the scorpion pit.

That concludes my vesteria leveling guide. I hope you enjoyed and will leave some feedback.

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did u finish it correctly?
doesn’t seem finished yet…
I mean, it’s not bad, it’s just incomplete atm

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yeh i still have more
acidently pressed post

ight I understand that, continue working on it

Stone walls work as well

Waiting for the completed guide

a n y w a l l w o r k s
If it’s thin enough…

another one: 21-35 farm moglos

gtg for now i will finish this later

orrr you could just get rock throw or missle and get one of your friends to carry you in dunes or help pay you to go to isle, but I guess your way works ¯_(ツ)_/¯

ok its fully done.
for now if anybody wanna help improve the post then I will consider your request.

Wait, isn’t the max 49?

I just realized that, @mathafford edit

Farm exp at sqr yes? That’s good for lvl 20+

Hogs are a thing from level 1; they only have a charge that’s easier to dodge and reduces the risk of running out of stam (as with scarecrows) as you can easily sidestep

if ur looking for a challenge you could grind baby yetis to level 10 then grind rats to level 30 and then go to max lvl at stingtail

you can’t really grind rats without tanking them but ok

Yes, max is only 49. Found that out the hard way (by hitting it). Sadness noises because I maxed my 3 adventurer abilities (there are technically 4, but only 3 are worth trying for).

Can you even max put the adventurer abilities? I thought you only had 9 stat points as an adventurer

wait what would happen if you maxed all adventure abilities but then went to a faction

Yes, you don’t have to choose a faction immediately at lvl 10. Most people don’t get that many, they faction asap, but there are some who don’t like leaving a few skills partially upgraded.