My Dream Guild Update

Guilds feel like an underrepresented part of this game getting a hall in port fidelio and you can talk to your guild across servers also only 10 people with no way of upgrading it

As an expansion off of nilgarf there will be a Guard that says there is a top secret area back here but he will let you in for a cheese sandwitch
You get the cheese sandwitch as a chad drop and get through the gate (You would have to be lvl 10 to get through)
You see a long bridge that goes up and down and up and down
This area would be protected by warriors who love the hike and the area around this place would be beautiful wildlife and be a peaceful area until enemies show
After finally getting to the castle there would be many different characters but the one we would focus on would be a stand where you could make a guild for 1g (The same one in Port Fidelio) and you will be able to upgrade it from there
Before i get into the guild part let me describe the area
You have a huge castle with 2 splitoffs at different sides
1 way would leave to a big guild pvp area to settle beefs
(Basically just a bigger and better colo with new weapons)
the other way would lead to your guild hall which is the main thing from this update

The guild hall would be a fully customizeable hall that would take some Inspiration from Warframes Guilds idk if they were called guilds and i loved leading a guild in that game
Remember that stand well giving it 5g will give you the guild hall and now its fully customizeable if you bring it resources
You could either get huge open space and put resources into plots to build either huge colosseums or you could have the room system
I will explain my idea with the room system but plots would also be a perfect way to do it
You could have a room that increases your guild capacity
A room that builds a small colosseum
A room that lets you paint a guild banner
A farm where you could harvest bananas apples pears and cactus fruit
A room that is a research room that allows you to research weapons that you can craft
You would need the blueprints to make these rooms so lets head out of the guildhall for a little bit

The easy thing you could do would be to make blueprints drop from mobs
Like from crabbys a rare drop would be the crabby research center that would allow you to research and craft Crabby bows or Daggers for example
Or the fun option would be npcs that sell rooms for colosseum marks
Daily quests that involve beating other guilds
I will go with the daily quest example
There will be a sneaky assassin in the shadows near your guild hall that will give you quests to earn these blueprints
Like he could be like The moglos look stupid in those masks can your guild wipe out — Amount of Moglos but don’t kill this many moglokos or you fail i like them
Also with all ideas above all guild members would contribute resources but it gets more expensive the more guild members you have
Around the Guild area there would be quests for blueprints and some general fun quests
1 could be this
Remember how i mentioned when the enemies come out in the peaceful area
A bunch of sloths would fall out of the trees when the quest starts and would be all grabbed by this huge creature
It would be a shadow creature that hates the world and wants it to burn down in flames
It could have a few weapons like fireballs
A sword
A Bow
A Shield
A Mage Tomb
And once you destroy all of its weapons all the sloths get released and one comes up to you and becomes your pet
The npc would congragulate you and give you and give you the shadow set blueprints
And you could go to another npc who sees your sloth and wants you to go collect fruit and he can grow your sloth to be stronger
You get the fruit come back and he gives you the blueprint to research a Warlock ability where he can summon a sloth instead of a simulacrim

Basically i went on an idea rant but i want
An extension off nilgarf thats a big castle with a long bridge cause warriors like the hike
It will have many quests and npcs
The guild hall system i outlined above
A new pet
Ability to earn secret abilities for classes
A new colosseum with new stuff

This would be a dream update and be very hard work but i just want to put my ideas up for discussion and if there is anything that i could inprove tell me in the comments

Honestly its a fun idea but a lot of the parts dont sound ideal. Instead of having blue prints to build houses and other things i would rather have a set hall that the guild could decorate and then you have to pay gold for more land. Also I just dont like the blueprints for weapons, it doesnt make sense to me in vesteria.

The blue prints would allow you to make a certain plot not a certain weapon
You build a plot for example and then you could spend resources to make a weapon
Once you get the plot you can make the weapon without a bluepring
And yes you would pay gold for peices of land

I could see this working, but it wouldn’t be exactly this. What would make more sense for me would be to buy a house for less money with all the crafting features available. Instead of dropping from mobs (I don’t like the idea that mobs would carry around blueprints) there could be a larger market in nilgarf where would could trade usually useless drops (things like crabby claws) for blueprints. When a group of people decide to form a guild, their homes could either be directly connected to the guild castle (through tunnel, teleported, or something else), or they could just move onto the castle grounds/into the castle. This would make the crafting options easier to obtain for low level players, and add a way to differentiate between different members rooms/houses. Also, I believe that when creating a guild, people should be allowed to pool their money without the 30% tax using a “combine guild money” option. Other ideas include a shared bank/money if you have enough and want to give some to teammates (also a good way for friends to trade without the tax), a guild war system where two opposing guilds raid each others castles and fight for claim over territory/money (npcs would guard castles of course), and other small features like farming (less for guilds, for for individual houses)