My (BaLaNcEd) Trickster Stats

Ok So, If You’re A Trickster you base your skill power off of Intellect. So I’m here to tell you about my stats & give some advice (If needed). MAX LEVEL
My Stats:
~50 Dex + Sandskulker Mask~For A Total Of 50 Dex~(Mogloko -4 for everything else and you might value those extra points!)

~50 Vitality ~ (To Combat The Nerf Of Hunter Health and give regen perks)

~50 Strength ~ To Give Attack Damage Bonus + Melee & Arrows Have A Better Damage Consistency

GET WEAPONS WITH ATTRIBUTES YOU WANT (Swift, Keen, Fierce, Vibrant, Pristine, And Legendary) To buff your stats

That’s All I Have For You Today Fellas, Hopin’ I Helped You All!


As a muffin trickster I can say that this is false and all that you need as a trickster is vit(hp)

Ok Muffin Man, But I Like Me Stats!

What r u grinding on. I’m only Lvl 37

Sq, Forsaken, Whispering Dunes (Deathstings)