MushTown First Spawn Quest Ideas 📜

I assume the red marks are where NPC’s will be placed.
Here are some quest ideas.

The Fisherman
Basically: “These Baby Shrooms are everywhere! They’re bothering me when I just try to fish! Take some out for me, will you?”
Request: Kill 15-20 Baby Shrooms (Level 1)
Reward: 50 Exp, 75 Gold, 5 Freshly Caught Fish

The Settlers
Basically: “Ah, yes! An Adventurer! We’ve simply been trying to reach The Clearing but these Shrooms are in the way!” (Middle NPC has the quest, NPC’s around him are sad/frustrated they cannot overcome the Shroom obstacle)
Request: Kill 5-15 Shrooms (Level 3)
Reward: 100 Exp, 125 Gold, 4 Red Potion

Man of Variety
Basically: “I am a man of variety. Well… not yet that is! I’m building a great collection, will you help me?”
Request: Gather 5 Mushroom Spore, 5 Red Mushroom, 5 Elder Shroom Beard, 5 Crabby Leg
Reward: 450 Exp, 325 Gold, 5 Big Red Potion

(Note: This is basically a recollection quest which teaches players to be more aware of their inventory rather than just drop or sell all of it.)

Cool ideas, we’ll consider them.

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Thank you for your consideration.

I Do Have To Say They Do Sound Fun For The Beginning Of The Game.

Well… I just want quest everywhere in the adventure.

I came up with these simply as normal filler quests which get the game going for beginners.

That Is Why They Are So Good!

I totally vote this, I like your ideas!