Mushroom Grotto bounty book bug

Minor bounty book bug

At the moment I have the bounty book bought but in-game is doesn’t work in the Mushroom Grotto. I tried resetting, leaving and rejoining the game and I tried to open it through keybinds. Which didn’t work out. Here is a bit of proof of it not working:


Bounty book progress

I also got my bounty book partly reset after it was removed and put back into the game. My first page was empty even though I already filled all pages before, I don’t know if this is done intentionally.

I don’t know about the book disappearing issue, but from what I have heard from others your bounty book progress wasn’t supposed to reset. Funcky

I have it as it works in the grotto just fine for me.

Good to know that it’s different per account, I will check other places for this glitch as well.

More areas have this problem.

Also doesn’t work in the clearning