Mushroom Flinging

With mushrooms bouncing players around, a new sport has seemed to arise.

I noticed that higher level players started mushroom flinging.

It seems fun and you wouldn’t understand it until you get thrown across the map. But it has become sort of a sport per say. Everyone seems to be trying to one up each other on the farthest or highest fling.

But this brings up a question.

  • Who has the highest/farthest fling?

I am seeking out the person who was able to get to higher heights and longer distances than any other player. I would also like to see this mushroom flinging property added into the game as more than just a ‘don’t touch the mushrooms’ sort of thing.

So far this is the best fling I have gotten:

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I Don’t Have Any Proof Though You Were In The Server When I Was Doing It But I Was Able To Go From The Same Mushroom Into The Town, Specifically The Gates, As Well As From There To Small Caravan Place With Neon Red People.

I am currently on top of the massive mushroom in the starting area, I had to go pretty high up to get on top of it. Does that count?

Evidence? (filler text)

In my super long story post there’s a picture of me on top of the thing.

O o f lmao

I honestly have no clue how I even made it up here. I tried to get back up, but with little success.

So this would be the current record.

Official from 10/8/18 at 6:55 PM EST.

That does require double jumping though, so I’m not sure if you count that.

Eh, as long as it was done without external assistance it’s fair game.