Mushroom Bounces

I Run At This Mushroom
And Try To Bounce Up To This Mushroom
You Can Then Manoeuvring To The Other Large Mushrooms Such As
In Front Of The Large Mushroom In The Game Or This One
Behind The Largest Mushroom In The Game. Or You May Just Want To Land On The Largest Mushroom Shown Here:

If You Do You Can Run Off The Third Mushroom I Showed You And Launch High Into The Sky Like

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I want to see a Rainbow :rainbow: High in the skyy!!

Also You Can Bounce Like

Using The One Behind The Large Mushroom To Just Go Off Into The Void.

How you have access to game?
Has it been released?

Demo Has Been Released Which Is Just The Clearing, Before Nilgarf And After The Mushroom Forest.


Also found a kinda game breaking bug.
will make separate post on it tho.


It’s In The Tree House. You Have Multiple Ways To Get There.

I just used the mushroom

I just tried it but had to do it a few times lol