Mushcoins and their values

What we need is a diagram of all the different mushcoins and their worth (maybe new ones) e.g.
bronze - 1-999
silver - 1,000 - 9,000
gold - 10,000 - 990,000
ruby (probably not) - 1,000,000 - 900,000,000
emerald (probably not) - 1,000,000,000 - 999,000,000,000
diamond - 1,000,000,000,000
If we exclude emerald and ruby and just have diamond (1,000,000) then 1,560,274 could be displayed as:
diamond mushcoin (the coin symbol) - 1
gold mushcoin (symbol) - 56
silver mushcoin (symbol) - 0
bronze mushcoin (symbol) - 274
This is just an idea tho.

isn’t 1 gold = 1 milion bronze?

yes but this method would keep it neater.

i think this just makes it way more complicated.

think of how it looks now but in stead of a silver coin image saying 5.2 have an image of the different coins.
so it would then be
diamond: 0
gold: 0
silver: 5
bronze: 295

That would be very cluttered, I think the system right now is more polished and easy to read. I think it would be cool if you could hover over the coin icon and see the exact amount you have. (Ex: You see 15.1 Silver Coins, but when you hover over it, it says 15,136.)

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Support! Make a separate post! Love it

Your breakdown is inaccurate, this is how it actually is

Bronze = 1-999
Silver= 1000 - 999,999
Gold= 1,000,000+

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To improve clarity we’ll probably make it so if you hover over the coin it’ll tell you how many bronze coins it is.