Mushcoin Reset 2

The death penalty is a great money sink and is probably working to fix the economy, however, it’s progressing really slowly, as people have 10s of gold saved up. I suggest in order to fully impose the economy fix, there should be a mushcoin reset, but not a full one that would crash everything, rather just set everyone’s money to 100 silver if they’re above lv 20, since lv 20 is when people start really joining the economy. Enough to be a starting point.

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long ago, the ancient megami was sealed away, trapped by the power of his failure to obtain new user of the month

little did we know
megami had a successor in place


I’m seeing a lot of dissaproval. Well uh. THE ECONOMY IS BROKEN! CAN YOU NOT SEE IT!?
The prices of plain ol runes have skyrocketed to nearly 20s! Is nobody seeing this? We need to fix the economy!

runes are like 5 silver in shop, it’s your fault if you dont bring one to forsaken isle

no lol

Runes are 5S. They are not that expsensive.

Referring to 10G…? Which isn’t really much. Since death penalty my money has gone up from 10g to 13g on Forsaken Isle farming since I haven’t died.

I don’t think it is reasonable to reset money for such a reason. It isn’t unrealistic to have 20G+, as most money is made from trading anyhow.