Multiple Spider Queen Drops to Same Player

I’ve noticed that some players have acquired multiple Spider Queen drops from just one Spider Queen. (i.e. One player getting 3-7 drops from one boss) Is this intended?

I feel it is a bit unfair and that the drops should be evenly distributed to all the highest damage dealers.

How will this system work when sub classes that have less damage output than other classes come out? (i.e. A Cleric will obviously deal less damage than a Assassin.)

Hmm, @ArcaneFxre @Cryptonite I wonder who got 7 drops. xd

Obviously not us B)

This also sucks being a lower level than other people fighting the boss… I’m a level 24 mage and I don’t get any drops (besides eggs) despite dealing plenty of damage (judging from XP, around 6% of the boss’s health), and I suspect that the higher levels of other people allow them to deal more and get all of the loot…

When guilds properly do raids, I believe that the built up damage should be distributed between the party, that way even people that didn’t do damage (like Clerics, or Knights) could get some sweet drops. Although I personally would distribute the drops equally between the people in my party/guild. Or, there could be a limit to the amount of drops gained, so a point at which it does not record your damage anymore (not meaning that you don’t do damage but it doesn’t record it). Idk how any of them will work but gimme review and make sure to hit that fat like button and subscribe to pewdiepie.

first of all. there shouldn’t even be 7 drops from one spider queen.

@berezaa stated that these drops are going to be common once the actual Spider Queen releases, so 7 drops is reasonable. My only problem is 2-3 people getting most of the drops.

Sweet mother of mushroom no matter how hard I try to dispel this myth it keeps coming back.

Cleric will NOT be primarily a healer! Cleric will be a holy-based mage subclasses that happens to have a healing ability. It is in NO WAY a support class. It is the tank of mages, focusing primarily on self-sustain while still having great damage. The ability to lightly heal others is a plus.

“Tankier” classes, while having less DPS than more glass cannon builds, will still be able to deal considerable damage because they will be able to attack during sequences when squishier players will need to back off.

As for the drops, they are based on damage. Whoever got those drops either did an insane amount of damage or were insanely lucky. It is random, but it is weighted heavily by how much damage you do.

That, or the person who said they got 7 drops from one boss is lying and they actually got it from multiple fights. Idk

They said they dealt quite a lot of damage, but getting 7 drops is highly unlikely. Perhaps they did an insane amount of damage and were insanely lucky alike.


(before the boss)

(after the boss)

(i only got 1 drop from the third boss fight, which i traded to kenderos for a staff, i didnt get any drops during the 1st or 2nd)

ok then O_O

lmao berezaa just got noped.

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