Mounts in return for stamina?

We all know stamina was a pain when first added but we’ve adapted to it, but for certain classes stamina still sucks, so how about mounts that will go the same speed as you, but require no stamina. This could tie in with pets and maybe even the lore of the game!

As much as I like mounts I don’t think this concept will be used much considering that most people have learned to stop sprinting right before the bar runs out.

I mean they’d still be useful but you have a point.

I’d still use them to look cool.

mounts are a great idea but could be incredibly glitchy and painful to animate

Mounts would be an awesome addition to the game. However; replacing them with stam will be very time-consuming and kinda dumb. I personally like stam, but would love to see mounts in the game as well.

Perhaps instead of moving at the player’s speed and not requiring stamina, perhap it moves at one-third or even one-quarter the player’s speed and doesn’t use stamina. Or maybe it just lowers how fast stamina is depleted.