Mounts for Travel (Not Combat)

I think some sort of mount system would be nice for the people that didn’t choose to go the route of dexterity. You would not be able to fight while on a mount, just cover large amounts of ground quickly, so dexterity is still useful for battles and farming.

Typically, MMORPGs include mounts in their games. Knowing this, you can already assume that they were already planning on implementing one.

What I suggest is coming up with ideas for mounts. Like, what kind of mounts you want added. A huge hawk? An eldershroom? A crab? Stuff like that.

But your question was reasonable and a good one at that.

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I feel like they probably are not going to, but I could be wrong. The maps are pretty small and easy to get around if you keep sprinting. Maybe a speed potion would be added? I don’t know, but I feel having mounts would be a little overkill for the small maps they have now but they would be pretty cool. :smile:

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Mounts are already planned. Check back in a few months.


If it’s okay I kinda wanted to elaborate a bit on mounts and a few ideas I had on the subject. I looked at some other mentions of mounts and/or horses, but none of them really had foundation for the idea.

So, one of the first things I think should be recognized with mounts is the “Pet” spot in our gear/inventory. If they are introduced to the game- your mount can’t just wander off! I think equipping them into the pet spot would not only ease the grudge on alpha players with pets, but excite all the new beta players as well (especially if we are able to name our mounts). Another thing that has been brought up is what kind of mounts there might be. Of course, I initially thought that horses would be the first and only release of a mount option- but what if we enabled other mounts? Being able to ride on a spider or a yeti would be a nice addition (slightly off topic, but in the future and with potential future maps maybe dragons?).

Now, I have noticed the idea of purchasing a mount, but considering that this would be a good quest prompt, I think we could do something a little different.

First, such as in the farmlands, you’d need to go on a quest to purchase/find/make a saddle, and then purchase/find/tame a horse. This could be applied in a quest like fashion and be a bit more rewarding for players (there’s also the potential for finding mounts in quests- such as if Mr. Figgleglasses lost his horse to a gang of bandits and be rewarded for finding the horse).

Second, it would be a bit more immersive, especially if players were required to take care of their mount. That includes feeding it and etc. While that could be a taxing thing for players, they could possibly be rewarded for doing it, such as their horse leveling up to a higher HP (making them less likely to die while fighting mobs).

Finally, let’s say for the uncommon mount option, you have to go on various quests? For example, (this is hypothetical and also a fun addition to another topic called ‘The Great Mount Fastha’) if there were dragons at the top of/within Mount Fastha, not only could there be an opportunity for new mobs, but dragon quests, a Dragon King Lair, hidden golden chests, a new map, but the chance for players to tame dragons as mounts. This could require raiding the Lair for a dragon egg, be a rare drop item, or etc, but it could be revolutionary in the gameplay of Vesteria.

Just a thought, but if this is received well please leave a like, and feel free to comment on things you think should be added or removed. Thank you!

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