Mounts and Walking!

The title speaks for itself. Mounts are extremely huge in the rpg world of any game. Plus the world of Vesteria is HUGE, mounts would be a great way to explore the world!

But if not a teleport for the towns should be implemented, my toes are blistering!

they will anyways because WE VESTERIANS HAVE NO SHOES

These are all the ones that I’ve managed to find in this short time-frame.


^^This one is teleporting, which is already being implemented.^^

A couple of others that are already on the forums.

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So then let this be a push to the devs that the community is already screaming for.

Thanks for the feature request. This has been requested many times and our answer is still the same: we’re adding it, eventually. We know its a huge deal, but more feature requests doesn’t prioritize it higher.

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