Mounts and guilds

Yes please daddy

will be a thing in the future

Ber said some stuff about mounts and guilds in the dev stream

Since we are on the topic, what kind of mounts would you guys like to see? My thoughts would be to introduce mounts with the upcoming 6-Player Dungeon and have the boss shroom drop something like a Shroomite Spider that has a 40% Movement Speed increase buff. Naturally, later on I’d like to see typical things such as Horses, Wolves, etc.

On the other hand with Guilds, I apologize for the shameless plug, but the unofficial Guild ‘Greyvale’ is recruiting. If you’re interested, contact Legoracer, he’s our recruiter and can provide you a link to the discord.

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Mounts and guilds were pretty much confirmed by Berezaa. Also, I spotted a horse model in his dev stream yesterday.

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The traditional mounts are great. But would be cool if we also some some flying mounts like griffins.

Yes WoW xD