Mounts {An Update Idea}

please vote if you want this to exist—
Don’t actually know if anyone posted this already, but I think a mount update would be nice. Maybe a horse or a boar, or even a flying mount, like a bat. They could double your speed, and they look cool. They require food to eat which can be bought from merchants all around, in Nilgarf, Mushtown, you name it. Flying mounts are rarer and can, well, fly. These would be extremely rare and not buyable. They would be rare boss drops (the flying mounts). Your mounts have a walk/run feature, meaning they have stamina of their own. If they run out of stamina (they have more than the average user), they stop and walk for a bit before running again. In a place like The Whispering Dunes, this would be useful. You can also use your portable water or cactus fruit on it. Additional things would be a sack or bag. Ever had too much stuff to carry around? Just deposit them in your horse/mule’s bag. These bags can cost up to 5g depending on storage space. Mounts are also soulbound.
normie pets: Horses (high running speed, slow stamina heal, 5g)
Mules (Average speed, fast heal, comes with a small sack with 2 storage space, 6g)
Epix pets:
Spirit Horses (Fast speed, fast stamina heal, can run on air for a short time, rare drop from Chad, level requirement 30. Trade value est. 20g)
Polar Bear(Medium speed, high stamina heal, can jump high, and has an ability—rend, to make enemies bleed losing 0.5% health per sec, rare drop from yeti)
Flying pet:
Bat: (can fly (what else do you need), high speed, super slow stamina recovery, 30g)
All pets have a love percentage the more you feed them—the more love, the more stamina.
Pets are not soulbound.
This is a feature that’s just extra: Mount Skins
Bags can go up to 10 slots, and face it, it looks cool.

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There are a lot of posts about mounts and things of the sort, your topic brings up, you should add more details and even some specific ideas you have for mounts.

Also, flying mounts would be OP considering there is a bit of parkour in certain areas like the dunes.

yessir, which is why they’re gonna be expensive as hell

Still… I don’t think any amount of money would be balanced.

b o s s drops

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For your consideration:
Perhaps a mount?
Please just give me a horse!
I’m running out of funny things to say

Gosh I probably missed a few. So it has in fact been suggested before.

I was thinking that maybe each faction/subclass could have their own mount with different abilities, looks, speed, jump height and more. These could be obtained by completing a quest for your faction/subclass leader, and would be based off of your faction/subclass such as wearing heavy plated armour in the style of the knights for the knight mount. Although this might be too much effort. I don’t know, but it would be a cool feature.

yeeah i want mooounts yeaah

For an idea, how about you cannot feed them cactus fruit, but you can instead buy a mount-exclusive version of portable water at the Dunes Imports shop (in the Gauntlet) for like 500s. For the sacks/bags, you could perhaps buy different tiers.

Tier 1 bag has one inventory’s worth of space (divided into tabs as the player’s inventory is), costing maybe 300s
Tier 2 bag has two inventory’s worth of space, costing about 600s
Teir 3 bag has three inventory’s worth of space, costing about 900s
Further variants scale as do those here.

mounts are already being added. check out this link:

o and btw rn @berezaa is acually on forums right now(prob not when u see this post)

Bats are tiny midgets

world of warcraft

it makes sense that world of warcraft has mounts because of its large map, in vesteria, if you had mounts it would legit ruin the game

but then again, vesteria is still in beta and could get bigger maps :man_shrugging:

all pets can also attack and they have health themselves. If they lose all their health then you have to wait for a certain time for them to come back