Most used class in Vesteria?

  • Warrior
  • Hunter
  • Mage

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im being real here. so many people play warrior. i play hunter

Mage is most used :joy: Warrior wouldn’t be used as much if the glitch roll got patched

it already got patched but not fully
its still possible to do it but its hard

really? i can do it like everytime

after some practice you can pull it off consistently but it used to be MUCH easier and faster

whats your ign?

why ya need my nickname?

just wondering…

I was told Warrior was the worest class when I first began Vesteria. My friends and I were going to play together each as a different class, I with the least expierence, was given Warrior as my friends had chosen the other two.

Yeah, it was pretty trash initially, now it’s OP


I was kind of looking forward to playing as a lesser class

I think for the first couple of months of Vesteria Alpha development, we’ll “balance” the game by taking each class that was the worst the update before and giving it the most love. This way, everyone will get a chance in the spotlight. The differences will hopefully get less extreme as the game goes on.


Yeah, that’s happening with Mage in this update. But I believe Hunters might be needing a bit more attention as a class due to the lack of decent crowd control skills.

Warrior is probably the most used since everyone loves that tankieness.