Most satisfying thing on Vestaria

My top 2 most satisfying things to do.

Picking tons of loot
Killing huge mobs and get that sweet EXP

What are yours?

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it’s very satisfying to spell Vesteria correctly


I love Vterraria!


I agree.

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Somebody gimme a dang facepalm reaction

:man_facepalming: :woman_facepalming:

Both genders incase equality, who knows-

Like I seriously need one so badly rn

Just saying

Yes that is one of the reasons I am currently in need of one

Come on! I know you probably play a lot of Vminecraft too.

Kill me now

Killing bosses solo, and then, picking up the loot

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Doing the hardwork of double jumping around crabby den to kill bosses by luring them to the edge then killing them.
(nobody bothers to do it so this my best method for getting from level 13-15)

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Thank me later

annoying people by spamming duel

and why the hec u revive ded forum

Your mom SMoL

Yes I read it

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