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not in any specific order

thanks for adding me :smiley:

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oh my yikes

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I see how it is.

sorry, you’ve been active, but not as active as the people above. maybe next month if I do this again

vote meeeee

ok ;-;


Look at my OP read time lol. 2x everyone else’s

lol 6 days!?

Hi guys I’m a ghost

bet he afks overnight with the forums active >:^(

That’s ALL-TIME, which isn’t relevant for this Most Active post.

Noooo, I’m usually playing with the forum tab open and I hunt down every unseen post and read it so yeah

You guys sure are readaholics


Cuz ur a necroreader…duhhhh

nonono i am reading what i havent read which just happens to be very old posts