More weapons/armor in the hunter shop

so there are tons of weapons for mages and warriors(lvl 10, lvl 13, lvl 15, lvl 18,lvl 28) in their main shop. but hunters only get the 10, 13, 15 and nothin else. for the other levels, i would like to see some cool items, like for example, solar dagger(lvl 28) and maby throwing daggers(that wold be like arrows, but do more damage, and not need a bow, but cost more than arrows) that you could equip and click to use, and they would be faster than a bow, but id say like 1s per throwing dagger. this i think could be lvl 18. if i skipped any weapon level numbers please tell me, and i think that this would make people like the early gameplay of hunters more

anybody like this idea?

This is a pretty vague and short post, especially for a category like #gameplay-improvements:new-features. Maybe consider editing it with some ideas of new Hunter equipment you’d like to see in the shop.

ok, will do

k ive edited it

I think the hunters not having early game weapons is better, because this helps the economy for daggers at lower levels, it also stands at a stopgap, just like how mages don’t have any boots, which makes mages beg for yeti boots, and also, early game weapons like SQ weapons are quite easy to get.

Ithink this was a ability

Since SQR and royal spider eggs exist, getting spider weapons aren’t very difficult to get. These spider weapons outshine the level 28 weapons in shops (steel sword, lunar staff) in damage and visual. By the time a hunter is level 28, they’ll most likely already have spider weapons. Let’s be honest, why would you pay 1s for a single throwing dagger when arrows are only 10 bronze each? It would be quite pointless considering nobody would buy it. If more hunter gear were to be added, I feel like a larger variety of bows for earlier levels would be nice to newer hunters.

Also Just Use Icicle

true, but icicle is rarer then spider fang dagger these days