More Things For Level 30s

I know this is said a lot by fellow level 30s. We have been getting a little bit bored since there isn’t much to do now that we are level 30. Now, I would really like if you would add more features aside from grinding. I know it will defeat the purpose of Vesteria, but if you do it right it won’t make too much of a difference. I was in your game earlier and I heard that you make your updates long so you can work on it more, to make them top quality, right. So maybe if you could make minor updates that you can work on more, over time passes so we can have less time waiting and more time playing. Maybe like more fun battles, or minigames. It is your choice.


start a new slot, and level it up

And if all your slots are level 30?


6 more levels until I max out my last character, so tell me, what should I do after that?

Maybe go live in the real world for a bit

Note that my last character is a warrior, so it wont take me long. And I’m not speaking hypothetically.

Take a break from the game? The game is fun, but milking it for every last drop of content will just make the game boring until the Mushking update releases.

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So you’re literally telling me to stop playing the game after I max all my characters until the next update, which is this Friday or Saturday.
Let me make this more clear. What in-game activity do you suggest I do if I maxed out all my characters?

Mess around, Idk. The next update looks like it has some new armor and those rune things, so play azure mines or something until the level cap is increased.

farm coins for new updates

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These are some ideas.

I hope when the next highest level mob is added or when the spider miniboss is added, we get a level cap of 35 lol. Either that or just make it actually hard to reach the level cap, rn it’s pretty easy, just kinda tedious.

Not really supposed to be difficult to reach cap, it’s supposed to take much longer than it’s supposed to be so we can be patient for higher level content to come

I agree with Meta on this; It’s an Alpha testing stage, there’s not supposed to be an entire game’s worth of content; We’re luck as-is being able to get as far as we can get in the current moment of time; Give the developers time and space and they’ll get features implemented, and eventually we’ll see new content – In the meantime; Keep reporting issues/bugs to the developers to help speed up progress.

I’m simply asking for them to raise the level cap each time we do get a content update. I don’t really want to have, for example, a spider miniboss with awesome loot but it feels half useless because i cant even level up (telling me to not grind to level 30 would make no sense as that’s essentially telling me to not play the game)

I say they should increase the EXP curve to make it harder to level rather than increase the level cap.