More sublass related gear

(Sorry if this is a low effort post , please feel free to add on to the suggestion )

So to my current knowledge Knights,and Paladins are the only subclasses to get subclass gear. So I decided to make this post .

Might be a little op but I feel like Rangers should have access to special arrows. Like for example exploding or poison arrows , to nerf this a bit special arrows would be rare and expensive .

warlocks should have cursed items . Like for example cursed amulets or rings that increase certain skills dmg and stats.

Sorcerers should have elemental magic books that boost stats and effect skills.

Clerics should have some sort of holy books of hymns that boost their healing skills and stats.

Assassin’s should have maybe long bows for sniping and the long bow should have increased dmg .

no not magic arrows, rarity won’t do anything, rangers always get all the drops anyways

Only for trickster

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all subclasses are getting gear, and ber said on the roadmap he may make amulets

also PLEASE do not make the rangers any more powerful we’re all gonna die