More Scrolls and More Ways to Obtain Them

There are currently four tiers of scrolls that I have found:

  • Basic (variants for Headgear, Armor DEF, and Weapon ATK)
  • Great (variants for Headgear, Armor DEF, and Weapon ATK)
  • Cursed (variants for Armor DEF and Weapon ATK)
  • Ancient (variants for Weapon ATK, Weapon VIT, Weapon STR, Weapon DEX, and Weapon INT)

I notice that many of these, especially the higher tiers, only work on weapons or armor.
With the addition of headgear scrolls, I feel like there is a huge as yet untapped potential to further develop the scrolling system.
First, make variants of each type of scroll (Basic, Great, Cursed, Ancient ATK, Ancient INT, Ancient VIT, Ancient STR, and Ancient DEX) for Headgear, Armor, and Boots.

Second, make Reset Scrolls more obtainable. Imagine those poor new players who got a ridiculously rare item without knowing and threw horrible weak scrolls on them, and then suffering because of it. Holy Scrolls can reset failed upgrades, but as yet Reset Scrolls can still only be obtained from Shroompocalypse.

Third, add scrolls for MP and HP, which of course increase their respective stats.

So, here is the list of new scrolls that would be added:

  • Basic Footwear
  • Great Footwear
  • Cursed Footwear
  • Cursed Headgear
  • Ancient Armor DEF
  • Ancient Footwear
  • Ancient Headgear
  • Ancient Armor INT
  • Ancient Armor VIT
  • Ancient Armor STR
  • Ancient Armor DEX
  • Ancient Armor MP
  • Ancient Armor HP
  • Ancient Footwear INT
  • Ancient Footwear VIT
  • Ancient Footwear STR
  • Ancient Footwear DEX
  • Ancient Footwear MP
  • Ancient Footwear HP
  • Ancient Headgear INT
  • Ancient Headgear VIT
  • Ancient Headgear STR
  • Ancient Headgear DEX
  • Ancient Headgear MP
  • Ancient Headgear HP

All of these would have the same success rates as their weapon counterparts (Basic 100%, Great 70%, Cursed 60% w/ 40% chance of gear destruction on fail, Ancient 10%).
Also, move SQR back to Enchanted Forest, or put some unmissable announcement out that it has moved to Tree of Life, because since it was moved SQR is practically abandoned because no one can find it anymore.

Please tell me what y’all think of this and also tell me if I missed any types of scrolls.

Lies, it is now unobtainable

Oh. My bad, it used to be there (before it was closed to higher levels)