More rpg elements?

Idk when I found the game and played it I thought of a lot of what could be. Like maybe random secret caves with legendary loot or maybe killing enough spiders could give like a mount that could attack or spawn little attack spiders. Or maybe a skill like “Fast Decay” from killing enough mushrooms and when ya die ya make a poison cloud. Or even like a second wind skill from air creatures and give you a chance to regain 25% health if your about to die. Clan houses where leaders can build and invite peeps. Bosses have a chance of unique loot and lastly more rare drops like an “Elongated Mushroom” staff that specializes with poisen/earth attacks. That was quite a bit but ,eh, I doubt you guys would notice.

They’ll definitely notice, i posted something on the mage class and one of them replied in 2 mins, they’re hard at work

We definitely want to add special weapons with unique effects that drop from mini-bosses, like a Sword that slows enemies when you attack. Other skills sound interesting, we’ll keep them in mind.