MORE Questions to the Developers about Guilds


Is the Office going to be Leader access only?

Will there be Custom NPCS (as in you can make an npc say whatever you want that’d be super cool)

Will there be more/custom roles in guilds? (helper, co owner, trainee, other role names)

Will Testers get to test the new guild update?

Will there be furniture/other things you could place in your guild hall?

Will there be guild wars or guild events?

How will the Shop NPCs work?

Will there be a Whispering Dunes / Nilgarf Sewers / Vesran / Terulic / Crimson themed guild hall?

When is the update planned to release?

Will there be symbols/emblems we can put on our guild hall banners?


Will there be a guild ally system?

What do Marks Of Unity do?

Will there be custom guild exclusive armors?

Will you be able to sleep in your guild hall in the same way as an Inn will?

Can there be a guild recruitment channel in the discord?

How will guild halls 4 and 5 affect the hall?

Can there be a Guild Kitchen with a chef shopkeeper that sells you exclusive food?

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There will be some kind of permissions structure. Not every guild hall has an “office” per se.


I’m not sure this is terribly useful, but we can look into it. Currently guild roles are tied to a number that is used to strictly allow modification of lower ranks, so making two separately named ranks of equal authority is not currently supported.

Dear God I hope so.

No, this is Vesteria, not Adopt Me.

Yes, but not with this update.

It’s a shop NPC like you’d expect. It has more goods at higher tiers.

Maybe? Guild Halls represent a lot of work, so I think we’ll be making new ones sparingly.

We wanted to do end of this month, but it’ll probably be early next month.

Yes, that is part of the update.


The like, three roles guilds have aren’t so useful in a detailled fashion

For example guilds like mine have Trainees and that’s not exactly in guilds right now.

Being able to make your own roles in a guild would be pretty customy and cool making a guild more unique.

Adding on to what Firebrowl said, there are also guilds with multiple leaders and guilds with a lot more ranks (highest I’ve seen is 6 ranks within the guild)

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Updated with more juicy questions.