More Information Found On Chairs At The Colosseum

Hello there reader today I have discovered some interesting information from my explorations on some illusive chair hunters. To this day November 11, XXXX, I have found some interesting information on these chairs found.
Apparently the guy who helped the guy make chair reviews was about to die, and as the man being an advocate in the study of Chairology learned some information about the chairs at the Colosseum. Interesting take, I wonder why it was documented with the other information found about the chairs here. I guess it’s because that book is very old. A-anyways… maybe there is something more deeper, something more bigger… well that’s all I have for this day. ~ Signed, I.M. The Journalist

Hello there readers, here’s a hot take.
I wonder why these magical images were found in some journals but, me I cannot seem to understand the writing on them but, the magical images they bore some interesting words as you can see. Anyways this still follows the same events but, the chairs are evil apparently. That’s an interesting topic, bet that’ll sell for a lot back in town! Unfortunately the guy who reviewed the chairs let his companion died, possibly that’s why this wasn’t documented, makes sense to me. Why would you let a man die, this guy could’ve easily saved him using potions, I believe that what was used during the time? Either way still wondering why this article on these chairs wasn’t posted with the other history. Perhaps as usual, there is something wrong but, even then it’s been possibly centuries ever since the book on chairs on the colosseum were documented, so what is even wrong? ~ Signed, I.M. The Journalist

It has possibly been years since I last departed here on my expedition. Unfortunately me and my party members are barely surviving, luckily I believe this information we have will eventually allow us to send a magical signal back to base and let us be rescued. Who knows…
It appears that the companion of the chair reviewer was alive all along, or this happened before he carried on his last will? None of this makes sense as he states the evil of the chairs… perhaps he is controlled by them? Either way this companion was evil all along apparently guess, I’m not one for history, wait you’re telling me this is going to be the paper, well shoot. so guess there’s a whole mess of complications. Apparently the chair reviewer engaged in a duel against him, and lost, losing his life. Although I have no idea how this’ll affect anything. It’s been many years since the information on the chairs in the colosseum have been documented. Still wondering how these magical images were not distorted. Still, I’d be wary of anything horrible occurring as it seems that this happened whiles 'go still may occur today? ~ Signed, I.M. The Journalist

Well, I didn’t tell the other guys of the party I was really documenting this, other than my trusty friend Hoborbigous he’s a trusty guy. I know what you’re thinking his name is quite strange, he gets that a lot, in fact some may say it’s an inhuman name. Anyways unfortunately no chairs of legends were found in the Colosseum, or any lost artifacts. Apparently base wants us to look for more information, the pain. Anyways as I’m writing this, Hoborbigous said he was going to check the Colosseum one more time. Still he’s taking a long time y’think he’s like using the bathroom or he’s eating chairs? Oh apparently he’s coming back right now… for some reason his eyes are bloodshot, probably saw something that spooked him. Oh well maybe he found what was he was looking fo~


This is the most ridiculous story I have ever seen someone put so much dedication into.


ridiculous? You meant amazing and fantastic right?


Same…but I love it.

Yes yes, of course. Forgive me brother.

We got
:tada: CHAIR L O R E :tada:

that’s a chairy nice story and I made a bad pun