More fle- *vanity* items

A small suggestion is a shop in nilgarf that sells stuff like suits, fancy hats, and more items that will make your character look like a epic rich person. You wanna become Monsieur Fred do you not?

Also, maybe have Barber Streisand have the ability to give beards and mustaches. The beards And mustaches will be the same color as your hair. Just because.

Idk how this will work with female characters as woman don’t have beards, maybe you have to have a male hairstyle to have facial hair. Not being sexist.

ok bye

Meta why did you remove the epic crusader helmet I thought you were pure Chad ;c

maybe they can also introduce vanity slots, im tired of looking like every hunter i came across because i want the best stats on my armours


Vanity slots have been suggested countless times, but development team has always responded heavily against the addition of vanity slots, using the excuse that players who pay more shouldn’t be the ones who look cool.

This in itself contradicts itself however, since the only players who look cool in vesteria are the ones with high-statted items.

In vesteria when I see a player wearing a ton of dyed armor, I don’t see someone’s cool and unique character. The coolness factor of dyed items has worn off immensely, and it results in every single character looking the same.

The economy has also been filled with a lot of dyes and dyed items, and this has resulted in dyes being worth even less than generic weapons from mobs like stingtails and dustwurms.

The development team needs to step up their game in terms of cosmetics. Every single character looks the same. If the team really hates the idea of vanity slot and paid cosmetics so much, then why don’t we have any rare dyes or text color variants of nametags that you earn through gameplay?

I’ve seen it posted so much to the point where it is basically spam.

Yet they added aviators lol