More feautures on... demo version?

Vesteria demo version currently have really not much feautures. Not because i cant afford the game but new players arent gonna get interested. My idea is to add more mobs, or atleast one more dimension.
Sorry if my english is bad

it should have every feature, one more dimension doesn’t make sense because it’s a demo.
you already have a fishing rod with is rare

Personally I think the demo area is great. It has a ton of stuff

  • The level and stat system from the main game
  • A shop and currency
  • Quests and npcs
  • 2 types of monsters to fight
  • An expanded version of the clearing that is made specifically for the demo
  • All different stat increasing potions
  • The fishing rod and a place to fish
  • Many secret chests to find

There is probably even more things that I forgot about, but there is a good chunk of features shown off in the demo.

Demo could use a level 10 enemy so people can test their strength after grinding a little bit, seeing if they can get the hand of combat.

^agree :slight_smile:
yujiplayz yes thanks for listing the stuff but is two monster enough? meta’s idea would be nice
oh yeah i missed the expanded version of the clearing. gonna check it now