More Equip Slots

I know you’re not supposed to put multiple ideas in one feature request, but I am going to so I can give context.

I get asked often what the subclasses are for every faction, and eventually, I get asked about the three Warrior subclasses. Obviously, there hasn’t been any confirmation about any subclass for the Warrior faction apart from the Paladin subclass. There has been an idea floating around for a Berserker or Barbarian subclass around the forums, which I think would be cool. I personally think the 3rd subclass of the Warrior faction should be a Knight (or something similar).

This “Knight” subclass would specialize in swords (which are already in Vesteria), but also be able to use a shield. Perhaps maybe the Paladins could get tower shields or something that relates to them. In other words, this would be an offhand slot. Offhand slots and items are in almost any MMORPG, so this should already have been thought of. Mages and Hunters could have their own offhand slots-- and not everything has to do damage.

Also, people have been talking about shoes-- mostly as a joke, but I think we should have feet accessories to make us run faster or jump higher.

If you have any ideas for items for these equip slots, ideas for more equip slots, or disagree with this idea completely, I’d like to hear about it.

.* coughs up blood *

This is the best thing ever

Knight would be a good warrior tank subclass if there were shields. Another thing would be a seperate slot for a bow and a knife for Hunters that are Rangers. That way, when they are near an enemy, they can quickly switch to their dagger and use their basic attack. The bow will be attached to the Ranger’s left waist and the dagger would be attached to the Ranger’s right waist.

Mages could have magic books or tombs that give extra stats, though i think they’d be cooler as a main weapon that opens when you attack

There should also be a back equip slot for capes and such.

running is for wussies, we need shields to fight like men

yes hello

Berezaa has talked about a warrior knight sub-class that will act as a tank
I hope this info helped you.


the knight subclass was only for context.
Berezaa has never said anything about knights before.
Read the entire post before making a reply


well he said that there would be a tank sub-class and maybe it would be a knight but whatever

and the off had slot thing is also cool

Awesome idea, I also think that a crusader could be a subclass too.

wouldn’t that be like a paladin?

Poly has said in game before that there will be a warrior DMG class called Bladesman or Bladeswoman, to which one person responded, Bladesperson.

“Bladesperson” lmao