More books can be added?

currently I have only mage and adventurer book. I was wondering will you guys add more books? there are a lot of slots for them

there will be subclasses that you will be able to choose in the far future, which should fill up another book. I’m assuming that the others could be something like professions or the sort.

To give you an idea of the subclasses:


Warlock - Fire/Dark style magic. Heavy focus on inflicting status effects on enemies and fighting up close to the action.

Sorcerer - Pure energy magic (Ice+Lightning at higher levels). Glass cannon class that puts everything into big splashy attacks

Cleric - Holy/Light style magic. Focus on healing and boosting self and nearby players. Despite being more of a support role, still does plenty of damage.

cool i might be a sorcer or mage can you be two?

it’s basically the same as having both adventurer and mage books, but you can’t have warrior and hunter at the same time. The subclasses will pretty much be like that, except for the fact that the classes will be similar.

An example: Adventurer -> Mage -> Warlock or
Adventurer -> Hunter -> Assassin

You would have the books of all 3 classes, but you can’t get any other classes than that.

Aw ok

Also, I think the 3 extra slots once you choose your sub class will be class upgrades. Poly said that there might be a death master class upgrade for assassin, but that will be a long time from now