Monster re-works

Now look, I get that MMORPG games have a lot of grinding, which I don’t mind. But in vesteria, many mobs, even the bosses feel bland after a few tries.

I know that the devs have scheduled updates for the mobs, but here are some ideas.

Regular mobs

Basic attack: Horn slash
The hog jerks it’s head, smashing enemies close to it.
Stat change: Battle rage
The hog becomes enraged, getting 20% bonus damage for 10 seconds
Cooldown time 20 seconds
Ultimate attack: Rampage
Basically the current attack but make it faster.
(Used at half health.)

Stat change: Hunting senses
The goblin screeches, drawing the attention of goblins within 100 studs to
attack you.

Basic attack: Unchanged
Ultimate attack: Pounce
The crab leaps up then smashes its claws into the ground (Mini ground

Basic attack: Unchanged
Stat change: Armored structure
Rubees gain 15% bonus defense against melee attacks
Ultimate attack: Poisonous sting
The rubee flies back, then charges at the player, dealing damage and
getting poisoned for 5 seconds.

Basic attack: Unchanged
Stat change: Undead magic
The scarecrow reaches out to its inner sinister magic, gaining a magic
defense of 30%
Ultimate attack: Sickle cyclone
The scarecrow unleashes a flurry of attacks, dealing bleed damage to
targets hit (used when 25% HP)


Rant: I feel like Chad is way too weak, even though it’s meant for a low-level boss. I mean the yeti is level 20 but takes a bunch of maxed out players to fight it. Same logic for spider queen. So I think that chad could have a size, attack, defense and HP buff. A mushroom summon would be epic too.

Please leave some comments or suggestions!
(More updates coming soon.)

THis would be cool and all. But I feel this would be lower down on the devs agenda with all the new areas planning to be released and all. Personally I’m find with the combat system at the moment though it can be boring at times.

Every mob just has like one attack and gets too boring. I hope the devs can take note of this and maybe implement them when they have time, even if it’s one mob at a time.

I mean, you can’t make EVERY mob special. Maybe some major ones like Snels and Rats/Bats

True, but I heard many players leave the game early so I thought making the low-level mobs with some abilities would reduce that problem.