Monster Hit Detection Improvements

Hi everyone,

Just wanted to let you know that we’ve improved the hit detection on enemy attacks. The window during which you can be damaged by an enemy now lines up more closely with their actual animations, making it easier to predict and dodge the attacks of some enemies.

In the past, you were able to take damage for a full second following the start of an enemy attack animation, now it depends on the length of the animation, and you won’t get damaged during the windup or the pullback.

This translates to smoother combat and less instances of “there’s no way that hit me!”


Awesome, avoiding attacks shouldn’t be as aggravating as before hopefully.

So What I Understand Is That Seasoned/Veteran Plays Could Just Become Immortal To Enemies They’ve Grinded For An Extended Period Of Time, As They Would Know When To Dodge And How For Each Attack?

Something like that. For spiders you could jump over their attack with good timing already, but this will hopefully make it more reliable. It’s a lot better for experienced players to be immortal instead of anyone with potions.

Also yay I was really hoping something like this would get added!

This makes me even more excited for the release

Yeah, this is a pretty great rework. One person at lower levels who is familiar with PvE combat will be able to sustain themselves better against tougher monsters now, giving them an edge. As enemies get tougher, dodging will be very helpful then.

now THIS is quality content

people wouldn’t be immortal but they would surely be stronger then average player since dodging attacks takes skill and effort to learn + the satisfaction you receive from mastering a enemy would be amazing

There’s also will be bosses to master dodging against, too. And that will probably be a lot more challenging.

Obviously Memorising Attacks Would Be Easier If The Enemies Have 1 Attack, This Means All They Have To Do Is Attack In 1 Way To Avoid Every Attack. If They Become Experienced Enough They Will Get To A Point Where They Can Just Dodge Every Attack. That Would Render Them Immortal To That Enemy.

There’s always room for error however. Besides, by the time you master an enemy’s attack, it will be out of your level range to be useful to grind at that point, and you’d probably take little damage by being hit by it as well.

Not Unless It Is The Highest Leveled Enemy In The Game, For Example People Farming The Spiders At Level 25+.

Then again, it will be a while before people reach that point. One could make many slots to choose each class which will occupy the time before new content/classes come out.

Well, this’ll be good…

Like I said, you could already do this before this was added.

Thing Is The Enemies Had A Very Tiny Frame For You To Look At, Basically You’d Have To Be Super Human Before This Update. Though You Could Constantly Jump And Avoid Some Damage.

Not really, all you had to do was jump over the spider and you would be fine. It made grinding to level 30 much easier since I barely had to use potions. Especially if you are a hunter, then you can dodge their attacks pretty much every time with double jumping over them.

Not Like I Already Mentioned It Though That Doesn’t Really Matter.

All That Matters If The Fact That You Could Basically Become A Kangaroo And Become Neigh-Immortal. And I Just Don’t Believe That Is How Game Combat Should Play Out, It Should Be: Using Skills On Enemies, Dodging Their Attacks And Using Potions. Constantly Jumping Just Doesn’t Seem Right To Me In A Game Sense.

It wasn’t constantly jumping though, you would still have to time it with when they would go to attack you. Plus, jumping over an attack vs moving out of the way or rolling is the exact same thing. Take a game like dark souls. If you can perfectly dodge every enemy’s attack, then you are an untouchable god. It isn’t easy though, since it takes tons of practice.

IMO anything is an improvement to to current combat, which is mainly chugging pots while clicking as fast as you can.