**Monster Hats and Where to Find Them!**

Monster hats could potentially decrease aggro from the type of hat you wear! So, if you equip a monster hat, say the mushroom one, that will make any mushroom-type to not attack you when you get near. This can help players explore without being bothered by monsters around them. This can also lead into an idea for pets! Using the hats can help you tame a monster to fight by your side!

I feel like this will add a sense of social and physical aspect to the game. Just to make Vesteria more unique than it already is!

I hope you like the idea :stuck_out_tongue:

that sounds cool, but in action it prob would be broken

sounds like you can just farm mobs easier than another person/ have less risk than another person doesnt sound that fair

I just like the idea of mobs dropping hats made from their heads. But the status effects that they offer, not so much.

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Great idea with the hats but that effect you mentioned would be broken PvE wise.

i agree about the hats like this man said.
Maybe if they had some other kind of effect sure, like taking 20% less dmg from that specific mob.
at the cost of like defense of other creatures or something

Spider had - Speed boost
Crab hat- Defense boost
Mushroom hat - Jump boost
Goblin hat - Damage boost

Something like this.

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si si me is very impressed that you understood what i was talking about

It wouldnt be broken, it would lessen your farm chances because mobs arent following you. Thats what a decrease in aggro is. But ty for the input

I wouldnt mind that but obviously thats how they already will be implemented hence we have the mushroom hat which gives a jump boost.