Monster book rewards

Monster book is bland. You kill monsters, get more drops, a slight exp bonus, and you move on. How about an extra reward for your efforts?

Introducing the revolutionary Monster book rewards! Completing a whole page will give you an amazing item/weapon! Ex. completing page 1 will give you a lesser reward, because its easier, maybe a great ATK scroll, or a small amount of money (like 20 silver.)

The higher the number it is, the more rewards you get! (Complete the red tier, you can get a cursed scroll, or a god tier weapon for your faction, or a high amount of money, 60 silver.

Complete more pages, get more rewards, that’s about it.

I would like to add onto your idea.

How about the option of upon completing a Page that you could renew the page and reset your progress in return for a reward and possibly a little prestige symbol to be displayed on the page.

How does that sound? :eyes:

Gives users the option to redo the Book and be rewarded for it.


Sounds excellent. Repeat everything to get more stuff. I love that idea!

maybe a new student NPC, and he/she will pay you for completing monster book

hold on,
what if when you completed the monster book, the student gave you a bag or something so you can increase inventory space

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well thats a cool idea