Monsieur Fred replacement

If some of you do not know, I have been selling dyes for a while and actually try to buy the 2000 robux ethyr pack every week to support the developers. But I plan to get serious with this after the removal of soulbound items and want to ask, if I actually started selling premium items, would you guys come and buy my goods?

Would you come and buy goods from Monsieur Mark?

  • Yes
  • No

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If you would, what would you buy most likely?

  • Stat reset tomes
  • Skill reset tomes
  • Dyes
  • Ink and Quill
  • Nametag
  • Monster Lures
  • Megaphones

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Thank you for answering this poll and any comments would be highly appreciated.


Wait you sell ethyr items? I know where to buy ethyr stuff now thanks

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Y’know I think I know one person who would say no to this.

@WazupYDB69 Get over here! Someone is trying to replace Fred!

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Reserve me 2 ink n quill and a nametag :flushed:

Don’t replace Fred, Fred is the best Stop this heresy (good idea tho)

@davidii why u no come I buy ur robux ethyr pack and help ur paycheck :sadclown:

ight, dm me when u wanna buy

How much for one megaphone?

How much do you sell dyes and lures for

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Regular dyes 100 silver each, grey dyes 110 silver each. Lures are 350 silver each. All sales start on this Saturday.

Bump, sales are starting tomorrow at 2:30pm GMT.

Do you sell megaphone?

Yes, but not at the moment.