Moko Maul - Not strong enough?

See title. The Moko Maul, one of the weapons for warriors dropped by Mo Ko Tu Aa, seems a bit underpowered. It’s ability is Rhythmic Concussion, in which every 4th attack stuns. Doesn’t seem so bad, but it isn’t exactly as good as the Moko Club. The Moko Club has Rhythmic Ferocity in which every 4th attack has boosted damage.

The weapon abilities, however, isn’t the main problem here; the Moko Maul has it’s own basic attack animation. This animation, attached below, is much slower than that of a normal weapon with Double Slash. Since the attack speed is much slower, and attack damage is the same (both the Maul and Club deal 116 base damage), this makes the Maul’s DPS much lower.

It should be buffed, either with a faster attack speed, increased damage, or a stronger stun.

Also, both of the weapons have ridiculous attack range and can hit enemies in a large radius completely surrounding the user; maybe that should be fixed.

EDIT 1: Maul’s ability doesn’t even work on monsters, and Club’s ability doubles damage
EDIT 2: Maul appears to have half the attack speed of other double slash-enabled weapons
EDIT 3: Maul’s ability also increases damage, but still half attack speed

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EDIT 4: Hey, it’s much later now. I just thought of a solution! Since Paladins are the main classes that would be using heavy weapons, add a buff attribute to all Paladins (similarly to Holy Magic) that multiplies basic attacking by or 2x (up to Devs/community to decide exactly) and stacks in a multiplicative way with Heavy Slash. This way, the basic attack DPS won’t be horrible and the weapon might actually be viable! And that would be nice, wouldn’t it?

Also I believe you shouldn’t be able to have any weapons in the off-hand slot while having a Moko Maul or other heavy weapon equipped, like I saw with Berserkers holding a Moko Maul/Club combo and Knights holding a Maul/Shield combo. I’m not sure if this is intentional, though.

I say increase the damage by a lot

Yes, the Maul needs a buff.

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I believe the Moko Maul’s passive should be changed to every 4th ability will stun and a very slight attack speed nerf but high damage buff. I think it’d make more fun gameplay to see a Berserker with a Moko Maul spinning around with it’s 4th ability active stunning everyone in the colosseum.

Bump! See edit 4 for another suggested buff.

Increase the weapon’s base damage. Keep it as the sluggish stun weapon type, but give all two handed weapons a 15% base damage buff.