Moderator should be added

Regarding reports and the “raid” of exploiters coming latley. The only two solution would be to either pactch or have mods. Moderator should be added to the game who of course needs to be truthsworthy, not only should thye have mods in the game bu also in the forums who could answer questions and take the reports and evalute them.

Ways of recruting could be have documents with filling out question or hand select trustworthy players.

This will benefit the game/community as a whole and i see no reason for why it should not be added.

If you agree make sure to comment/thumb up cause i feel like his is nedeed.

PS: Would gladly love to help so if you want to contact make sure to contact me via forums or discord Cyprias#6038

Rest of the forum community you should also apply down in the comment so maybe the devs can contact and maybe get moderator.

  • Yours truley Cyprias!

Idk ber’s viewpoint on in-game moderators, but if moderators are chosen wisely, it will be of great benefit to the game. An in-game mod would need to be:

  • mature
  • have good judgement of game exploitation
  • non-toxic
  • active player and community member

With these traits, a good in-game mod would be made.

More importantly, we really may need helpful exploiters. They can send the scripts to the devs and give an explanation of how it works so then the devs are able to patch it, stopping the exploits completely until a new one is made.


#Meta4Mod cough @berezaa

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#Meta4ModeAndCyprias <3

Lol no im not applying im too memey

I would gladly be a mod since… you know… i have been playing since the 1st public playtest and oh BOY was that a long time ago

P.S. I think another requirement for a ‘‘mod’’ should be having the member rank on forums since we can’t just give moderator to anybody who just joined the forums.
(once you have been a member of the forums for at least a year and met all the requirements you automatically become a ‘‘moderator’’ of sorts so the member rank is the best thing we have.)

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Another thing to add would be that exploiters shouldn’t be banned, there are much more effective ways to handle them. A moderator should be able to suspend them until a patch is updated or reset an exploiters progress.

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But, the exploiters are giving other people the exploit, so them being banned is good

rip, I meme too much

But I can be serious when I want :wink:

Being banned won’t stop them from selling exploits.

True, but it will stop them from telling players INGAME. The people who really want to cheat will go to v3rm and buy it

also you reply super fast

I try, I don’t want to leave you waiting, but don’t feel that you need to reply back so quickly. Take your time if you need too. I agree, the people who really want to exploit will go out of there way to look for them, which makes them even more dangerous. They’re more likely to be prepared and more cautious than others.

Depends on the exploit they use gamebreaking and ruining others people enjoyment of the game should be banned and remained banned but smaller things can be punished instead.

The exploit is teleporting to mobs and hitting them ~50 times in one slash

I think a temporary ban and a complete progress reset would be more frustrating for then than having to use an alt account. We should counter their exploits on a psychological level as well as in game.

Agreed boss!

Sun Tzu: Provoke your enemies, that’s when they’re most prone to making mistakes.

Yeah, that’s a good idea. Also I usually am replying to stuff on the forums so I get a notification whenever you reply to me

I think we’re in agreement here with the idea that something should be in place to deal with exploiters. Right now, our best option would be moderators.