Mobile very broken

okay so mobile is currently very broken, we can load into the game, walk for 5 seconds, then freeze, and everything is currently messed up with us not being able to jump, fix please (also this problem is also occuring with mac os users too!)

IT IS TRUE LITERALLY IT DOESNT WORK FOR MOBILE AND TABLETS FOR ALMOST 3weeks​:pleading_face::pleading_face:I hope this gets fixed


Yes it started when y’all put the new stuff over our controls 3 weeks ago, now it completely doesn’t work on mobile at all! Or tablets! I’ve sent many complaints on twitter but no one responds! Not cool since we spent robux , especially for multiple ppl on this game! Please fix our game!!!


True this keeps happening for about more than a week when u buy the game it will start happening I think the developers only do this for money not actually for the people🥺

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Ikr I just made a post about this

The devs are hard at work right now. As of now berezaa is doing anything he can to fix it. It is not on their end it’s on roblox’s end. Roblox has to pitch in and help as well since they’re clueless right now. I can assure you this will be fixed. Berezaa and roblox will just need time

I mean you can’t even swim or use the mage on mobile

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also that UI is very buggy. no point in playing if your using a phone

This bug is on the behalf of Roblox. Stop calling for a pity party.

why would you come be toxic on my post, who are you lol???

A. It wasn’t intended to be toxic. It’s your fault for taking it personally.
B. I’m saying this because what possible bug could cause this to occur if it has to do with a separate platform? Gameplay defects? Yeah. I’ll take fault for that. But it isnt Gameplay defects. Its a server issue for a platform.

Thats why.


There is also this bug I talk about here:

I realise the first 2 comments are both created on the day this post was created and both of them posted for the first time here… what a strange coincidence

jeez man we’re just posting a bug. no need to be rash

ok now dont say “well it’s your fault for being offended” or something because i dont want to fight ok thanks have a nice day

I was not necessarily meaning to be rash. I was just clarifying that to shroom. The reason I had posted that reply was mainly because that this bug has been discussed alot before already. And it already had been drawn to the conclusion that this a bug that is even existing because of Roblox’s bad server management abilities. Therefore thats why I had said this. I am sorry if you had taken it in a different behavior but I was just trying to express that this had been already found out. Hence why with context, it looks more like a pity party. But, eitherway have a nice day.

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Can someone close this topic please? It clearly has already been resolved before. :+1:

Imagine being called toxic for no reason.

@Meta close known bug ty

Same thing for Mac

why would I bot my posts like megami lol I have no reason to fake images and / or sound like a different person